|| LIFESTYLE || Advice for living alone during Lockdown

So the world is in a weird old place right now, all our lives rapidly changed by COV19 and sadly for some, that has meant a loss of life or the life of a loved ones. Here in UK, we have been in Lockdown for about 3 weeks now, for some it has been a few weeks longer and this has changed everyday life dramitically. And now that it's been extended for at least the next three weeks as well (and possibly longer tbh), it can feel very uncertain atm

For me, and for many, it means no work untill we are told otherwise, and for some it means no school or childcare. It's a big change and it can be overwelming at times, especialy for those who live by themselves, like me. I love living alone, but without the ability to do my normal rountines or go and see people like I used too, it has made living alone feel completely different. 

So I thought I'd share a list of ideas and tips to help anyone in a similar situation to me, and anyone else really. 

1. Use your daily excerise. 

In the UK, We're only allowed out for limited reasons, one of them being daily excerise. Which can be as simple as a walk around the block. And at first I didn't really want to leave the house unless it was to go buy essentials but I quickly realised that I was getting restless nearly everyday coz even on my days off before this, it was very rare I stayed in all day and my body was not enjoying the sudden change and neither was my mood.

So I started to make myself go for that daily walk, not every day but most days. And it stopped that restless feeling, and gave me the feel good chemicals my body cleared needed. Being in the fresh air lifted my spirits, and sometimes bumping into familiar faces (from a safe distance of course) was just what I needed. To be honest, even seeing people I didn't know who would say hi from across the road would boost my mood and reminded me that I wasn't allowed, we're all in this together however isolating it can feel at times. 

2. Make the most of Modern Tech.

One thing i'm very grateful for in this, is how many different ways we have of keeping in touch with people. Phone calls, emails, texts, video calling apps...there's so much available and it definitely has made it easier. 

Zoom has been a popular one for me, especially for work related stuff and just in general, but to see everyone's faces and hear their voices has really helped. The first week I didn't really want to make any video calls but the next week I was constantly using messagner and other apps to call my sisters and my mum and anyone else I missed.

And those I haven't video called or called, I've texted, i've sent pictures and random memes, just keeping in touch with people helps you feel less alone and sometimes i'll just call one of my sisters and speak to them as I get jobs done aroud the house so I can hear another human as I go about my day. 

3. Keep a rountine. 

This one has been hard for me, with no work to get up and get ready for, it has been really tempting just to stay in bed for hours and hide. And that's not always a bad thing, there was some days when I really needed that but a lot of the time I just needed a rountine again. 

All our rountines have gone completely out of the window, and some people a small change in a rountine can affect them deeply so a big change like this can be even harder to deal with.

But I've started to create a basic rountine, that gets me up and out of bed, and has some amount of structure to keep me busy and stop me dwelling on the bad things. And it doesn't have to be a complete rountine, it can just be a small morning one to get you up or it can be a full day one...that's up to you and I change mine all the time, but it helps me to focus on something other than the fact I'm alone in the house. 

4. Netflix Party. 

So this one I haven't done myself yet, but it sounds like such a great idea. Netflix party is a Chrome feature that allows you to sync watch something with others and has a group chat feature as well, which means you can watch it at the same time and chat about it like you would if you we're watching it together in the same room.

To be honest, you don't just have to use netfix party for this, you could call the person you want to watch something with, either video chat or just voice, put them on speaker or in eyesight and do it that way, it's probably not as easy as using Netflix party but it means you could watch something on other streaming services, or on TV. 

5. Invest sometime in your hobbies and passion.

Time is definitely not something we're short of right now, so it's the perfect time to spend some of it doing the things you always wished you had more time to do. Whether that be reading, crafting, starting a blog, creating music, a new hobby or an old one you used to love.

Invest some of this time into that and spark that passion again. Enjoy the time alone (which is easier said than done, i know) and use it to do something that sparks joy in you. I've found my passion for reading again, and have been following craft alongs on facebook and just crafting by myself. I've found a new joy in Cardmarking, something I bought some stuff for forever again and never found the time to sit, relax and create. But I have now and I love it, I've made birthday cards for people whose birthdays fall in Lockdown to send them and a few others. 

Whatever brings that spark of joy into your life, or could bring it, make sure time for it and just sit back and enjoy it. For the first time in a long time, the feeling of always being in a rush or having too much to do is gone, so enjoy it. And i'm making it a goal of mine for after lockdown to carry on making time for this things and enjoying that peaceful feeling it brings. 

 6. Remember, it's ok not to be ok.

Finally and most importantly, look after yourself. There's gonna be times when this is gonna feel like the biggest mountain to overcome, and you might just want to hide away in bed and not move. That's perfectly fine, this is a big change and for a lot of us, the first time we've ever experienced something like this. It is frightening at times, and overwelming. 

We will all have those days, just on those days look after yourself, turn off the news, avoid social media if it's triggering you (this is one of my biggest issues... seeing all the articles, scaremonging ones are the worst and this can be really triggering for some people, on a good day they just piss me off but on a day that i'm struggling they really freak me out) and take time to rest and process those emotions. Reach out to people who make you feel better and remember you are never alone, even when it feels so daunting and scary. 

If you have any other ideas, drop them in the comments below 


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