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|| LIFESTYLE || Advice for living alone during Lockdown

So the world is in a weird old place right now, all our lives rapidly changed by COV19 and sadly for some, that has meant a loss of life or the life of a loved ones. Here in UK, we have been in Lockdown for about 3 weeks now, for some it has been a few weeks longer and this has changed everyday life dramitically. And now that it's been extended for at least the next three weeks as well (and possibly longer tbh), it can feel very uncertain atm For me, and for many, it means no work untill we are told otherwise, and for some it means no school or childcare. It's a big change and it can be overwelming at times, especialy for those who live by themselves, like me. I love living alone, but without the ability to do my normal rountines or go and see people like I used too, it has made living alone feel completely different.  So I thought I'd share a list of ideas and tips to help anyone in a similar situation to me, and anyone else really.  1. Use your daily exce