An Awkward Girl's Guide to Dating...An Introduction.

So it's officially February and the so called 'month of love', so I thought what better time to start the dating series on my biog, so whether you're a single pringle like me or loved up, or anything in between, I hope to write something for everyone.  

I'm currently 29 and the dating scene completely confuses me if I'm honest. there's so many different apps and ways of meeting people, there's all this new terms and trends and I can't keep up. Just doing the research for this series completely blew my mind! I never realised quite how complicated dating in this modern age has become!

 When I first decided to enter the dating scene again last July, it had been a very long time since I was last single and having to completely get to know someone from scratch. my previous two relationships, which were both a couple of years each, had been people i either knew already or my friends introduced me too so I kinda knew a fair bit about them previously.

So having to completely start from the beginning with getting to know people was kinda daunting, it takes so long for me to come out of my shell and not be the weird, awkward person I am when you first talk to me or meet me, I was worried about the impression I was gonna put across. What if they thought I was stand offish, or uninterested when I actually was interested just super duper shy? 

And then there was the worries of the less pleasant side of dating, the guys who don't accept you don't like them, or don't get the hint no matter how many times you've told them their not your type or you're just not interested? And the dick pictures...oh I'd heard so many horror stories about instead of saying hi, wham bam there's a dick in your inbox, or the ones that start off all sweet and interesting to wham bam a dick in your inbox. 

Working out how to start dating again too, which app to I use, or do I just use an website only one? What do I put in my bio, how many pictures do I upload, what pictures to do I upload. There's so many different factors and each add has a different way of doing things. swipe left, swipe right, swipe up to give a super like. Only girls can message first...that one lasted a day on my phone!  

I was completely lost and that's even before I started going on dates (but those details are saved for future posts in the series), it was a whole new scene and I was completely lost. 

And that's just one side about it. There's also the more personal side of it, there's the self doubt, the worry about possibly meeting the perfect person and they just suddenly disappear on you, or really getting along online really well but it being completely the opposite in real life. 

Dating can be really fun but also terrifying at the same time for me personally, putting yourself out there and opening up to strangers who may or may not turn into something else...its daunting. So I thought i'd start a little series about my experiences, tips and tricks and just other random dating bits and they'll be bits for everyone, whether you're single like me, loved up or anything in between. 

So come along with me on my Journey and hopefully it won't be too much of a diaster. And if it does, well I already have 6 cats so my back up plan of the crazy cat lady is already sorted. 


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