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An Awkward Girl's Guide to Dating...An Introduction.

So it's officially February and the so called 'month of love', so I thought what better time to start the dating series on my biog, so whether you're a single pringle like me or loved up, or anything in between, I hope to write something for everyone.   I'm currently 29 and the dating scene completely confuses me if I'm honest. there's so many different apps and ways of meeting people, there's all this new terms and trends and I can't keep up. Just doing the research for this series completely blew my mind! I never realised quite how complicated dating in this modern age has become!  When I first decided to enter the dating scene again last July, it had been a very long time since I was last single and having to completely get to know someone from scratch. my previous two relationships, which were both a couple of years each, had been people i either knew already or my friends introduced me too so I kinda knew a fair bit about them pre