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Recently a few of us from Coventry Bloggers were invited along to Escape Reality Coventry for a summer party. I was very ill earlier on the the day, but I was still massively looking forward to seeing everyone and attempting to crack another room. Have to give an extra shoutout to the staff, who were really understanding and accommodating, coming up with a plan so I could still take part but get out asap if my chest got bad.

We were divided into two teams of three, one to doing the Tortuga Pirates room and the other to do Jungala. I was in the Jungala room with Amani and Aliyah. We had mixed experience of Escape Rooms between us, Aliyah had done one before, I had done a few and this was Amani's first time. 

I obviously won't go into the full detail about the room so I don't spoil it if you plan on going there, but the room is just amazing! The room is themed on the Jumanji Film which is one of my top movies from Childhood, so I was beyond excited to try this room out for myself and hoped this time would be the time I'd escape the room in the 60 minute time limit!

So inhaler in hand, determined to beat the other team... Team Wheezy was ready to go!  

The jungala rooms are just beautiful, like before in the Down the Rabbit hole room (check out my review here), the room was beautifully designed and the attention to detail made it feel that extra bit realistic...when I walked into the room I had to remind myself what I was supposed to be doing Coz I was just amazed at how much work had gone into making this theme come alive.

Jungala has a difficulty rating of 3/5... Which makes it a great room to start with for beginners and (all age ranges).  I definitely found it easier to solve the clues than in down the rabbit hole, but there was still a few that were a bit tricky and had us stumped. 

In the end, we didn't escape in time but we were only a few minutes off so if we hadn't used the hints we would have definitely made it out I think... We were a great team!

Escape Rooms are a great alternative to the traditional evening out...and much more fun! I've done three of their 8 rooms now and definitely want to do more... Scarlett and Tortuga Pirates are at the top of the list! 

If you want to find out more about Escape Reality Coventry and to book your next challenge visit their website here! 

Have you been to Escape Reality Coventry, what was your favourite room? Also let me know in the comments below what would be your perfect themed room?
 Mine would be Zombies! 



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