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|| LIFESTYLE || Covblogger's Summer party at Escape Reality | AD

Recently a few of us from Coventry Bloggers were invited along to Escape Reality Coventry for a summer party. I was very ill earlier on the the day, but I was still massively looking forward to seeing everyone and attempting to crack another room. Have to give an extra shoutout to the staff, who were really understanding and accommodating, coming up with a plan so I could still take part but get out asap if my chest got bad. We were divided into two teams of three, one to doing the Tortuga Pirates room and the other to do Jungala. I was in the Jungala room with Amani and Aliyah . We had mixed experience of Escape Rooms between us, Aliyah had done one before, I had done a few and this was Amani's first time.  I obviously won't go into the full detail about the room so I don't spoil it if you plan on going there, but the room is just amazing! The room is themed on the Jumanji Film which is one of my top movies from Childhood, so I was beyond excited to t