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There's something special about going out for breakfast. Whether it's just a general catch up or a special occasion, there's just something about about meeting up with your favourite people and just sitting down over a good breakfast, having a good old catch up and putting the world to rights. 

So when I got invited to go the Ivy House for breakfast with some of the girls from Coventry bloggers, I was so exicted to try what they had onn offer and to see everyone again! I love catching up with everyone, especially over yummy food! And the food was definitely yummy!

There was a lot of amazing items to choose from on the breakfast menu, including full english, things on toast, pancakes and sandwiches. Prices start from as little as £1.25 and go up to £5, with side orders that can be added starting at 50p per item. 

 So once everyone had arrived, we ordered our drinks and had a browse of the menu whilst waiting for our drinks. I decided to have a cup of tea, and the milk came in the cutest little milk bottle style container and the mugs were just gorgeous...we all know how much I love a mug! 

When it came to ordering our food,I was pretty hungry so I decided to order the big breakfast, which consisted of two sausages, two rashers of bacon, two fried eggs, two hashbrowns, beans, mushrooms, half a grilled tomato and a slice of toast...all for only £5 which I think is an amazing price for a breakfast that size! 

Also the table I was on all decided that'd we'd order the chocolate pancake stack and the bacon pancake stack to share between us as they sounded so delicious! Both Pancake stacks are priced at £3.50 each and a regular tea or coffee is included in that price too.

 The food arrived pretty quickly which was great. The traditional breakfast (basically like the big breakfast but with one sausage, one rasher of bacon etc), and the vegetarian breakfast came served in the cutest way. 

It was on a little wooden board, with a small pot with the beans in and the toast on the side. And then the rest of the breakfast came served in an adorable little frying pan...serious instagram food goals right there! When I next go there for breakfast, i'm definitely ordering one of those two options as it just looked perfect...and at only £3. 75 its a bargain as well! 

My breakfast was delicious! Everything was cooked to perfection, the eggs were perfect! Well cooked but still slightly funny... Perfect for dipping the toast or sausages into! And my favourite item of any breakfast is always the hashbrowns, and these were amazing! They weren't greasy at all and cooked throughly...heavenly!

I tried a little of the vegetarian sausages, and I really enjoyed it! I was expected them to be some kind of meat alternative, like quorn or something similar. But instead it was a cheese and onion flavour which was right up my alley as I love anything cheesy...I'd definitely order something like this next time and I dont usually like the vegetarian options. 

Onto the pancakes! The Chocolate stack was a chocoholics dreams...nutella spread onto the pancakes,a generous dollop on the top and chocolate sauce dribbled liberally across them. I seriously couldn't get enough of these, they were just so scrumptious and the pancakes were so fluffy and perfectly cooked...i'm drooling at just the thought of these! 

The bacon stack had streaky bacon rashers in between each pancake and a pot of maple syrup to pour over them...so you could add as little or as much syrup as you wanted. I'd never had pancakes with bacon and maple syrup before so I was so exicted to try them. 

Again, the pancakes were super fluffy and just perfect, but however I wasn't a fan of the bacon and maple syrup combination. However, take away the bacon and it was perfect! However if you're a fan of the two combined I think you'll love these.

 Overall, I really I enjoyed my breakfast at the Ivy House and will definitely be going back for breakfast with my friends very soon! The prices are purse friendly, so whether you're on a budget, a student or just want to save some money...it's perfect for everyone! 

The breakfast Menu is served from 10am - 4pm Monday to Friday, and 12pm - 4pm on a Saturday. They also have a main food menus serving food like chicken wings, pizzas, burgers and so much. 

They have so much on offer outside of food too, so definitely go check them out on their facebook page here and Instagram here.

Have you tried any of the food from Ivy House before? Let me know below in the comments what your favourite thing was! 



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