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|| LIFESTYLE || Budget Friendly Breakfast at the Ivy House | AD

There's something special about going out for breakfast. Whether it's just a general catch up or a special occasion, there's just something about about meeting up with your favourite people and just sitting down over a good breakfast, having a good old catch up and putting the world to rights.  So when I got invited to go the Ivy House for breakfast with some of the girls from Coventry bloggers, I was so exicted to try what they had onn offer and to see everyone again! I love catching up with everyone, especially over yummy food! And the food was definitely yummy! There was a lot of amazing items to choose from on the breakfast menu, including full english, things on toast, pancakes and sandwiches. Prices start from as little as £1.25 and go up to £5, with side orders that can be added starting at 50p per item.   So once everyone had arrived, we ordered our drinks and had a browse of the menu whilst waiting for our drinks. I decided to have a cup of tea, and

|| LIFESTYLE || New Breakfast & Brunch Menu at Esquires Coventry | AD

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but one I often skip and I know I'm not the only one. Life sometimes get us so busy we forget or that extra time in bed is just too tempting!  But when I do make time for breakfast,  it's definitely one of my favourite meals! Whether it's a full English, cereal or something in between... There's so many delicious opinions!  And me and a few of the lovely girls from Coventry Bloggers got invited down to Esquires to try out their new Breakfast and brunch menu.  Esquires is definitely one of my favourite places in the city, so I was excited to try the new menu. And it definitely didn't disappoint,  there is such a wide variety of breakfast and brunch items to choose from and something to suit everyone.  Whether you want a full English, either the traditional way or completely vegan  friendly or something quick and simple like smashed avocado on toast or granola and Yogurt. There's also sand