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As I'm fast approaching 30 next year, I can't help but be reminded that it'll also mean the 90s began 30 years ago... Like pardon? Excuse me? Just no! 

It definitely doesn't feel like it was that long since I was a child and being born at the start of the decade, means I have a lot of memories from the 90s...maybe not the first few years but I definitely remember a lot... Good and bad!

So I thought I'd give you my 3 top things I miss from the 90s, and relive the nostalgia with some epicly embarrassing photos from my childhood!

Blogging from the start haha! 

1. Music, Walkmans and tapes!

Ah man, I remember being around 8, listening to the radio with my finger ready to press record the moment my favourite songs came onto the chart show! And then grooving along to them in my Walkman pretending I was on stage with the biggest girl groups and boy bands of the day.

Everything is so instant these days, you want music... There's so many options to access it but I will always treasure the memories of my mixtapes and my first ever CD! My music taste has changed a lot as I've gotta older but there will also be a big space in my heart for the likes of Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, Aqua and the Spice Girls!

 Which is why I was so grateful to be gifted tickets to Wannabe, a Spice girls tribute show at the Albany theatre in Coventry on March 16th...I'm ready to throw my cares away and be young at heart again! If you are from Coventry or nearby, definitely check out more about the show and get yourself a ticket here!

2. Saturday morning TV. 

Saturdays as a kid were the best! No school to get ready for, but still you'd be up at the crack of dawn ready for your Saturday tv fix. Eating your breakfast in your pj's whilst watching the classics, nothing beats it!

My favourites were always Mona the Vampire, Hey Arthur, Rugrats and Recess. But there was so many different ones so you were never bored! And as I got a bit older, Charmed, Hercules and Xena:Warrior Princess became part of the routine... Id do anything to go back to those days!

3. The Fashion. 

Oh my our parents really did dress us in some creative ways didn't they! Primary colours, windbreakers, velvet dresses, jelly shoes! Kids have it too good these days with their choice of clothes, but trust me when I have kids I am hunting down classic 90s baby clothes and making sure my kids have some beautiful outfits to look back on!

And the hairstyles! The bobbles that used to hurt if they accidently hit your head, scrunchies so big you actually couldn't see your hair underneath them and my mums favourite from the photos, the pineapple....all your hair pulled to the top of your head, smack back in the middle and tried up in a bobble so it looked just like the top of a pineapple... Thanks mum haha. 

So that's my top 3 things from the 90s, there's honestly so many more I could have written a book!

Let me know your top 3 favourite things from the 90s or the decade you grew up in below :) and definitely go and check out the Albany theatre website here for more about Wannabe and other amazing shows they have coming up!



  1. OMG I could relate to all of these and I loved it! :D I remember sitting there when the charts were on on a Sunday waiting to press record on the tape player. :P You're right when it comes to how it is now. If you want music you can get it in mere moments by saying, "Hey Siri/Google/Alexa? Play this by this" and they'll do it. Of course I love the ease these days of being able to do that, but I miss the longing of wanting to hear your favourite song on the radio. :P

    Every Saturday I would wake up at 9am ready to watch SM:TV and catch up with Pokemon and other shows. :D

    My mom always dressed me in leggings with matching sweaters. I now understand why I wear loads of these two in this day and ages! Thanks mother. :P

    Aww you've made me feel so nostalgic!



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