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|| LIFESTYLE || God, I miss the Nineties! | AD

As I'm fast approaching 30 next year, I can't help but be reminded that it'll also mean the 90s began 30 years ago... Like pardon? Excuse me? Just no!  It definitely doesn't feel like it was that long since I was a child and being born at the start of the decade, means I have a lot of memories from the 90s...maybe not the first few years but I definitely remember a lot... Good and bad! So I thought I'd give you my 3 top things I miss from the 90s, and relive the nostalgia with some epicly embarrassing photos from my childhood! Blogging from the start haha!  1. Music, Walkmans and tapes! Ah man, I remember being around 8, listening to the radio with my finger ready to press record the moment my favourite songs came onto the chart show! And then grooving along to them in my Walkman pretending I was on stage with the biggest girl groups and boy bands of the day. Everything is so instant these days, you want music... There&#