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Recently there's been a change in night life of the country, gone are the nights where you just go out and drink and maybe dance, people want something more to do than just standing around with a drink in your hand. People want to do something fun, something different.

And that's where adult ball pits, crazy golf and cocktails, adult soft play comes in... The list is endless. There's so many new alternatives to the pub or bar now, and Coventry seems to be catching on to that idea.

Recently, I went along to the Coventry's lastest addition to the funner side of a night out... Teezers. A crazy golf and cocktails bar that recently opened in the building that used to be Club M. I'll admit I had my doubts, anyone who is from Coventry knows the awful things that happened at Club M, but I went along in hopes that this will be something great for Coventry and will hopefully draw in a better crowd.

I went along on a Monday evening with my mum, another Coventry Blogger Emily from Coventry life and her partner. It was pretty quiet when we arrived, which for my first time some where new I preferred but I would like to go back during a busier time, to get a real feel for the atmosphere of the place when it's more busy etc.

When we had all arrived, we went to the bar  to order some cocktails. Emily went for the Butterbeer, were both huge Harry Potter fans so we were intrigued by this but sadly it missed the mark by quite abit and didn't taste anything like Butterbeer. Emily's partner went for the Retro Refresher which was quite nice, fruity but very sweet.

My mum is having a pink Gin moment atm (seems a lot of people are too),  so she went for 2 in the pink which has Gordon's Pink Gin, Elderflower liquor, lemon and soda in it and she seemed to really like it and I enjoyed the taste I have too...quite a refreshing, sweet taste. And finally I decided to go for a Bubblegum Daiquiri which was delicious, quite sweet and maybe too sweet for some people but I thought it tasted pretty delicious. It was served frozen, so it was like an alchocolic slushie. The cocktails are £7 each and served in red plastic cups. Their not the most environmental friendly option available, but the other drinks seem to be in regular glasses that are reusable.

Onto the course itself, it's a 18 whole course so depending on your golfing skills or size of your group could take an hour or more to get round. The holes are all retro themed and most of them are upstairs, apart from the final hole and the bonus hole.
I'm not gonna go into detail of each and every hole, as this blog post will be super duper long and it ruins the fun for any of you guys that wanna go there yourself. But I do have a couple of favourite holes, like the Cool Runnings one which has a Bobsleigh which you can actually sit for a photo op.

There was quite a few with great photo opportunities, with was pretty cool. Another favourite for that reason was the Friends hole, which had a sofa so similar to the actual one and of course I had to pose on that one. Another favourite was definitely the Home Alone themed one, and not just cause its the only one I got a hole in one with! It's the seasonal hole and will change at some point, so looking forward to seeing what it becomes in the future.

The woolworths themed hole was pretty cool too, and it has a little sercet too which I thought was pretty cool...but will I tell you? Hmmm! Another great hole was the Jurassic Park film... I love all the Jurrasic park and world films so I was definitely excited to see that hole. And visually it was stunning, you could tell they put a lot into that hole but damn is it a tricky hole! Noone in my group managed to get the ball in, but you've gotta love a challenge!

My final favourite was the Mousetrap hole, which is the final hole. Again it looked visually amazing and you could tell they put thought into it, it's a slightly tricky hole but definitely fun. I did like the idea of the horror room, I love a good horror movie but the lightening in the room is quite harsh and hurt my eyes (it does add an eerie atmosphere to the room, but if you're sensitive to light like I am, then be prepared) and the clown was definitely not my favourite!

I definitely enjoyed myself on the course, and my mum did too... It was a fun evening together and we are already in talks about going back some point in the new year.
After we finished our game, it was time to add up the final scores and have some much needed food! 

Teezers have teamed up with Hangry Moose, a street food vendor, who seem to be quite popular from the research I did on them (basically instagram stalking them haha!) so I was quite excited to try some of what they had to offer.

First, they bought out two trays of loaded fries. The first one was Hangry Sticks, double fried fries topped with Hangry Chilli and Chipotle Mayo. The fries were pretty tasty but I weren't too keen on the chilli personally. The second one was Sweet Spot, which was sweet potato fries topped with Hangry BBqQ sauce, crispy onions and Nacho cheese. Now these were spot on for me, I love sweet potato and nacho cheese so the two of them combined were just heaven for me. They were both £6 each and you got a better impressive portion size, good for sharing if you want to try a selection of different things from the menu but perfectly good portion for just one person.

The next thing we tried were the Chicken nuts, chunks of chicken breast coated in Crunchy Nut cornflakes and coated in one of three different hot sauces... Ranging from a mild one to an extremely hot one. I didn't like this at all sadly, they must have given us the hottest sauce and it was just too hot and sour for me. Also they looked more like wings than chunks of breast, so maybe there was a mix up some how, they were £8 a portion and you get quite a decent portion for the money. 

Next up was a tray of Tempura Prawns which was served with a sweet chilli dip. I wasn't too keen on the sweet chilli dip, and neither was the rest of the group. The prawns themselves however were delicious, my mum particularly really liked them. The batter was a little pale but they tasted well cooked, they are £8 each and I think there was about 24 prawns in the tray which again makes it a great item for sharing.

The final item we got to try was the Pigs in Blankets! I was definitely excited to try these so I was a bit disappointed when they came out a bit on the burnt side. They were quite tasty but definitely a tad overcooked for my personal tastes. The chipotle dip they came with went perfect with them. They are £6 for a reasonably good portion.

I had a fun evening at Teezers, there's definitely room for improvement but they had only been open for a few days when I went so hopefully over time things will improve and the great things will get even better. I'm definitely going back in the new year, and will feed back on how it is after being opened for a month or so.

Overall I'd give the drinks a 7.5/10, the course a 9/10 and the food 8.5/10. For the evening on a whole I'd give it a 8/10.

Have you been to Teezers or any other crazy golf venue in the UK? Let me know what you thought below :) 



  1. Teezers looks amazing! :D I recently went to Ghetto Golf in Birmingham for my birthday and I rather liked it. I really want to give the Coventry crazy golf a go now. :P

    The food looks amazing as well! Definitely a great place for a date night. :)



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