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I was originally so excited to write this post, when I heard The Botanist opening in Coventry, I was intrigued and when I got my invite in the post I was excited to see what the lastest addition to the Cathedral lanes development.

Its been so hard to write this post, I don't like posting negative things on here or Instagram, but I wanna be honest about the whole experience not just the good parts as my readers deserve the truth, even the bits that are hard to write.

So let's start with the amazing part, the launch night. Me and a bunch of the beautiful lovelies from Coventry Bloggers got invited to join in with the celebrations on Launch night. 

I was blown away when I walked in, I've always lived in Coventry, so I remember the days when Catherdal lanes was just a shopping centre and where the Botanist was build was the old entrance to the shops inside and the difference was breathtaking... I honestly didn't think I was still in Coventry for a moment! The decor and how they've reinvented the space was just stunning...its definitely an Instagram friendly place! So beautiful and they kept or restored the original glass roof which gave it a glasshouse effect, it was evening so you couldn't see much but when I went back in the daytime it was amazing, looking up to see the sky and the spires. 

The atmosphere that night was on fire, and there was so much to see, do, hear, drink and eat! There was a Gin masterclass going on up in the balcony area, a beer expert to chat to and learn more about the beers they have on offer (She's the only Female in the top 20 beer experts in the UK, which is pretty impressive, a Rekordlig cart and Cocktail masterclasses which me and Emily from Coventry Life tried together. This was actually so much fun (even though I was so terrified I'd break something haha!) and I tasted a gin based Cocktail for the first time... And it was so delicious! 

There was also a live band to keep us entertained, cocktails bring taken around on trays to try and the most delicious Canap├ęs. It was an incredible night, and I left feeling really excited for the newest restaurant addition and all it could bring to the the city, I couldn't wait to come back to try their food on Sunday. 

So on the Sunday, when we went back to try their food. When we arrived we had a little wait to get seated so we headed to the bar and to take some pictures in the daylight. In the daylight, it was even more stunning! At the bar, I decided I wanted to try one of the flowerpot Cocktails and decided to try the Raspberry Disaronno Sour which was absolutely beautiful! 

We were then shown to our seats and handed a menu so we could choose what we wanted. The menu was their roast menu, which had a choice of 4 meats and a vegetarian option. And then a choice of different sides to compliment your meal. Sadly they had ran out of the chicken and pork Belly, so I chose the Lamb option and decided to try the Cauliflower Cheese side as that's my favourite addition to a roast. 

The food took awhile to come, which I was fine with. The Sunday was their training day, so they could see what was good and bad, so a little waiting was OK for me. But sadly when the food came out, it wasn't the warmest. My meat was warm but only just and my roasts were cold. And it seemed everyone else's wasn't either, but they were gracious enough to take it back and redo it for us. And even though we were OK with our sides and their temperatures (they weren't that warm but we didn't mind) , they still bought additional sides and this time everything was the perfect temperature, in fact my potatoes was so hot I had to blow them before I could actually take a bite. 

The food was delicious, the lamb was cooked perfectly and was melt in the mouth delicious, and the mint sauce was seriously out of this world. The roasts were abit on the paler side, but they were perflectly fluffy and delicious.  The red cabbage was not to my taste, but others did seem to enjoy it. 

Onto the sides. My cauliflower cheese was heavenly, the cheese sauce was perfect and the crispy onions on top really complimented it. I tried a little of the creamed garlic Kale and leeks and it was pretty tasty, not usually fine of Kale but that was tasty. And finally the baked courgette, sage and apricot stuffing balls...these are not something I'd pick out but I tried one and wow they were something else!

Sadly all the deserts had ran out by the time we were finished with our main meal. They had some ice cream left but that was it, and it did take them quite awhile for them to tell us this when we asked them which wasn't the best. Apart from that I was impressed with the service that night, especially with the people that served my table. They were quick to answer any questions and enquires we had, it was slow at times but they were always polite and apologise for any delays or issues. And like I said it was their training day, so I just saw this as teething issues that would disappear when they had been open for a week or so.


I tried some delicious cocktails that Sunday too, I tried one non alcoholic cocktail called Berry Good Times which super delicious and definitely my favourite non alchocolic cocktail I've ever tried. The next one I tried was the Passionfruit and Basil Crush which was just beautiful. I wouldn't think to put Basil in a cocktail but it was perfect. Finally before I let, I had another flowerpot cocktail because I'm just obsessed with them. This time I went for the Apricot and Peach Smash and it was just again, perfect. The Botanist seriously are on fire when it comes to their cocktails...I can't fault them at all. 

After the few hiccups that happened on Sunday, they kindly invited us back to try their food again and hopefully this time would be perfect. And this is the bit that's put me off writing this for so long sadly, it wasn't all bad but the bad was bad enough to effect my motivation which wasn't fun at all. 

So it was about almost two weeks later when we went back, so hopefully any teething issues were fixed by now. It was a busy evening but not crazy busy. We were seated at our table on the balcony, and whilst we waited for the last few members of our party to arrive, some of us went downstairs to the bar to get drinks and I was one of the ones who stayed at the table. The bar was quite busy so those of us that stayed at the table decided to just order at the table. But these took so long to come, we had all arrived and deciding what to eat by the time they came, it was at least 20 minutes which was OK as the bar was busy. But we also asked for water and was bought out bottled water, when we wanted tap water. This was slightly my fault, because I got mixed up but they were gracious to take it back and said they would take it off the bill at the end. 

So when everyone was there, we ordered our food. A lot of us went for the sirlion steak, myself included. I decided to go for the sweet potato fries with mine as I can never resist sweet potato. As I said it was busy, but not full. The food did take awhile to get to us, but it was definitely perfect temperature this time which was great. Portions were quite small, especially for nearly £18. Definitely not something I'd order again. I have my steak well done but I've never known it shrink as much as mine had in comparison to the others, but I've been arrived by the other blogger girls to try medium well done next time I have steak. 

The meat was delicious though, and the fries were great. But portions were definitely on the smaller size and not worth that price tag in my opinion, I wish I stuck to my comfort zone when ordering and got a burger or one of the pies as after some research, the portion sizes to them look definitely better and worth the money. A few of the girls had their famous hanging kebabs, and they did look really cool but again not sure if they were fully worth the money but I won't make that judgement till I've tried them myself. 

Then it was time for ordering pudding, there was quite a few delicious sounding options on the menu and it was hard to pick what to have! I eventually decided to have the Hanging Kebab, which was a selection of puddings, fruit and marshmallows made into a hanging kebab. It had a small bowl at the bottom that had candy floss in and if you poured the sauce from the top down the kebab which was some sort of fruit sauce, it melted the candy floss away to reveal ice cream surrounded by sweets. It was very hit and miss tbh, some of the cakes on the kebab was delicious, but some were a tad disappointing, for example the brownie was really bitter and the doughnut wasnt the best. Also there was an item with coconut on it and it was not mentioned on the menu which if someone was allergic to it that could have gone really bad so that wasn't great. But I liked the idea of it but definitely room for improvement. 

And now the bit that I've been dreading writing. When it came to the end of the meal, we asked for our bill for the drinks we had ordered at the table, and we had already worked out who owed what and were all ready to pay for them. The waitress came over with our bill and the ones that were paying their share by card when first and then it was my turn to pay and thats when everything took a turn to the negative.

I had only had one drink, a Berry Good Time which is about £4.75, so when she said there was roughly £10 still to pay I was confused. The other blogger girls helped me out here and for that I'm so grateful as I wouldn't have known what to do and would have just broke down. So they asked what the extra money was, and the waitress said she'd go and check. She comes back and says it was the service charge and its been removed. Tbh if she had told us it was the service charge at the beginning I wouldn't have minded paying some or all of it. But the service charge was only about £2.50 and the final bill was still higher than it should be. 

So we inquired further as in what it was, and she says it was the bottled water. So we explained that it was set back as we didn't want it and it was supposed to not go on the bill. And this is when things started to get negative and kinda hurtful if I'm honest. WHen we were trying to get it taken off the bill, the waitress made a comment about how our meal was free, what's the issue with paying a little extra (these weren't her exact words but their still on the lines of what she said). I was quite shocked by this and hurt, it felt like she was accusing us of being ungrateful and rude. And we definitely weren't being, at the end of the day If we were paying customers and there was an issue on our bill we would want it fixed so that's all we wanted but she made it seem like we were unreasonable and it just ended up getting heated and out of hand, which was not a nice way to end the meal. 

Overall, I loved The Botanist. The cocktails are amazing, the food was tasty but a tad over priced for the portion and the service was good but slow,  it was just that waitress that sadly ruined my final opinion as its put off going back and I was planning to take my family for a meal there but don't think I will be anytime soon, but hopefully they will improve and become a great part of the Cathedral lanes development. 

Have you been the Botanist what did you think? 


  1. Oh sweet it makes me feel sad how rude and hurtful the waitress was to you all about the extra money at the end of the bill! It's so unprofessional and I know in my old customer service jobs if I'd have been this way with a customer you'd get a written warning if not immediate dismissal!

    I'm not a fan of The Botanist myself. Me and some friends went after Christmas and there were just so many things I wasn't keen on. The drinks are expensive and gimmicky for what they are and the food really isn't worth the money. :(

    Urgh I'm so annoyed to read how they reacted! So horrible. That alone has put me off going even more.



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