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As a kid, one of the best things was Soft play, especially if they had a ball pit! I would spend most of my time in the ball pit, throwing balls around, hiding from my sisters or friends, or just diving endlessly into the pit...childhood heaven! So when adult ball pits started to pop up around the country, the excitement started to build. And when I found out one was opening in Coventry, I couldn't contain my excitement!

So when a few of us from Coventry Bloggers got invited along to see what it was all about, of course I had to go!

Ballxrs owner Sam Burne, who is a Coventry local too,  wanted to open a bar where there is actually something to do other than stand around and drink, and the outcome was Ballxrs... a all in one activity bar.

And its definitely something special! The bar itself is a great size,  plenty of space to move about. The booths are for private hire, so they could do with a few extra seats around but apart from that it was great.

There's a wide selection of spirits and other beverages to choose from,  so there's something for everyone's tastes and preferences. And since I went, they have started to serve food as well which I definitely need to check out at some point!

On to the main event, the adult ball pit.  To be honest, I didn't know what to expect going in, I thought maybe it'll be big but the balls wouldn't come up that high or itd be small and only a few can go on at a time... And im very happy to say both those thoughts were so wrong!

The ball pit was a lot bigger than I expected, and a lot deeper! I couldn't literally throw myself in and be completely covered by balls...the first time I dived into the balls, I was taken back to my younger, care free days and I was in my element. I could have happily stayed in there for ages! I'm not gonna lie, I couldn't resist hiding under the balls and jumping up shouting 'Bazinga!'.

As well as the amazing ball pit, there is board games to play, retro games, table tennis and even beer pong. And with even more activities to be added, there's definitely something for everyone.

The location of Ballxrs is perfect too, very close to the city centre and very easy to find...and very close to student halls which makes it a great alternative to the typical student night out.

The prices are incredibly reasonable too, you can check out their website here for all prices, including their special packages and upcoming events.

It's definitely a fun experience, and something I'd recommend to anyone... Whether it's a birthday party, or a works do or just a night out with your gals... Ballxrs has bought something unique and fun to the Coventry nightlife.

Have you been to Ballxrs yet or any other  adult ball pit in the UK?

As always leave your thoughts below :)

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  1. I really want to go to this!!! :D I've already mentioned to my bestie about us going in the New Year. :P


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