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Christmas is well and truly on it's way...the lights have been switched on, shops are filled with gifts and decorations, mince pies are everywhere you look and christmas shopping is on the to do list! And one of my favourite things to do when Chtistmas shopping, is taking a well needed break with a festive drink and something to eat.

And recently, me and a few of the girls from Cov Bloggers were invited down to Esquires Coffee to try their new christmas drinks and food. 

When i first entered the shop I was blown away by their attention to detail with the display they had set up. It was the most Christmassy thing I had seen...and made me want to put my decorations immediately... It was gorgeous! And filled with the so many tempting treats for our taste buds.

When everyone arrived, it was time to try their Christmas drinks menu. There are three options in their Christmas drinks menu, each just as magical as the other. There is a Golden Flat White, which is a flat white with a touch of magic on top in the form of golden dust, a Gingerbread Latte and Snowball Hot Chocolate.

I went for the Snowball Hot Chocolate as when it comes to festive drinks I'm more of a hot chocolate person, as there's nothing better than a hot chocolate with all the extras on a cold wintery day! And the Snowball Hot Chocolate didn't disappoint! It's a white hot chocolate made with coconut milk, Smores and Almond syrup and topped with a generous helping of cream and gold dust, completed with a sugar curl... It was divine! It is is definitely my 2018 festive drink... I can't get enough of it! I will be so sad when it's no longer available!

After everyone had been served thir drinks and taken all the pictures we needed,  it was time to try their Christmas food menu! There was such a vast selection that it was so hard to decide what to try first.

There was a Winter Slice, which had a Turkey, Bacon and Sausage filling and was the only savoury option so I decided to try this first. And again I wasn't disappointed. It was exquisite! There was a heaps of filling and the pastry was perfectly flaky and evenly baked. Perfect for a light bite at a festive coffee break.

Onto the sweeter side of the menu, there was a Gluten Free Sticky Toffee Cheesecake that looked heavenly and everyone that tried that was blown away by just how tasty it was! There also were some Linzer Biscuits, Gingerbread Men and of course the classic Mince Pies, which there was also a gluten free option of.  Then there was a plate of beautiful muffins in various flavours. There was a Mocha one, a Chocolate Orange one and a Gingerbread one too.

I couldn't resist trying the gingerbread men as I'm a big kid at heart and they always remind me of going for coffee with my family as a kid and getting a gingerbread man as a treat with my drink. And of course I had to try the Mince pies, it's not Christmas without Mince pies!

I also tried the Chocolate Orange muffin a few days after the event and it was a treat for the taste buds for sure! Tasted very much like a jaffa cake, but just bigger and more rich... Perfection!

The Christmas Menu is available NOW, so if you need a break from shopping or just can't resist a good coffee or hot chocolate... Head to your local esquires and you won't be disappointed and neither will be your taste buds!



  1. Loved the sticky toffee gluten free cheesecake and the snowball hot chocolate the most!

    Isobel x


  2. I really did fall in love with this place when we went for the first Cov Bloggers meet up! :D I'm so excited for the Christmas one next week. :D



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