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|| LIFESTYLE || Coventry Bloggers Event at the Bodyshop

So the other week, I went to another amazing Coventry Bloggers Event,  arranged by the lovely Emily of  The Emily Chapters, this time at the Body Shop in Coventry City Centre.  I'll admit before I went to this event, my knowledge on the Body Shop was limited. I used to always get a gift set from there from an auntie every Christmas and I've followed them on Social Media for awhile now, but it's been awhile since I've tried anything by them. I had misconceptions that they were expensive and out of my price range, but how wrong I was.  Now onto the event itself! Most of us met outside before the event, and I have to give a shout out to these girls. Some of them I've met quite a few times already and some I only first met at the event...but they are all amazing, friendly and encouraging people! They have restored my faith in the blogging community, and that's helping me to grow in confidence as a blogger. When we entered the Body Sh