Unashamedly Me.

Coming back to blogging after a such a unexpectedly long break, felt quite frightening if  I'm completely honest.

Is anyone gonna still be following? Even if they are, are they gonna be interested in the blog anymore? Have I made it too hard to find changing the name and domain?

I must have said 'i'll be back to blogging soon' so many times I've lost count! What makes this time different from all the other times I've said it?

One thing that I can definitely say is different, is my attitude to the bad days. The reason my break kept getting extended and extended was because everytime I had a 'off day' or my mental health was bad, I would struggle to write a post even if I had ones planned or I'd just refuse to write at all till I felt better, and then when I did feel better I'd struggle to get my motivation back up because I felt guilty for not posting. So it became a bit of an endless cycle.

But this time something has just clicked, part of the reason being the amazing, supportive community I have found in Coventry Bloggers, part of it being because of the Shane Dawson and Graveyard Girl Collab series that had me in tears, and part of it just being the 'fuck it' attitude I've gained over the last year or so.

This is my blog, my own little slice of the internet and I  shouldn't hide any part of me because others don't wanna see it or because I'm scared of what others would think of me. And if I want to share a bad day or write an honest post about how many messy my life can be, then I will.

And that's part of why I renamed the blog Just Gem. One, I felt that A Girl Called Gemma was just a bit dated, I'm two years away from 30 (holy shit that feels scary just saying that ) so girl in the title just didn't feel right. And two, I want this blog to be real and honest, and I am Just Gem. I have my bad days, I have my good days and I have some in between. Its just me, the things I love, the things I don't love and everything in between.

So here's to a new beginning and honesty, with all the ugly bits left in.



  1. Welcome back! Can't wait to see more posts xx

    1. thank you hun :) hopefully will have more up soon x

  2. Loved this! I know what you mean about worrying about being judged when I’d wrote about my mental health I was worried about being judged but after it was posted I felt liberated! Can’t wait to read some more about your mental health journey!

    1. thanks hun :) yeah it really is hard to put it out there, and might take a few attempts to write, but it feels so good when its finely done :) x

  3. Oh sweetheart I love this post so much for so many reasons! For a start, welcome back to blogging! Second of all, sometimes having a break away from blogging can help, whether it's by choice or not. Years ago when my depression was really bad I had to stop blogging for ages and like yourself I'd be on and off wanting to and not wanting to. It really sucks and it feels so hard to get back into the swing of things, but I already know you will be okay and continue to be an amazing blogger! :D

    If you ever need someone to chat to, you're always welcome to come talk to me. <3



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