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Unashamedly Me.

Coming back to blogging after a such a unexpectedly long break, felt quite frightening if  I'm completely honest. Is anyone gonna still be following? Even if they are, are they gonna be interested in the blog anymore? Have I made it too hard to find changing the name and domain? I must have said 'i'll be back to blogging soon' so many times I've lost count! What makes this time different from all the other times I've said it? One thing that I can definitely say is different, is my attitude to the bad days. The reason my break kept getting extended and extended was because everytime I had a 'off day' or my mental health was bad, I would struggle to write a post even if I had ones planned or I'd just refuse to write at all till I felt better, and then when I did feel better I'd struggle to get my motivation back up because I felt guilty for not posting. So it became a bit of an endless cycle. But this time something has just clicked, pa