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This time i'm ready...

Hey Lovelies,  So I'm back once again, and there's a few me and the blog! I've moved hosts, changed the name and bought my own domain..which may mean I lose a few followers but hopefully you'll come back or i'll gain some new ones! The changes to me we will discuss in another post.  But anyway I'm back!! I don't have a strict schedule or any schedule to be honest atm, as it's attempt god knows what at trying to get my mojo back, I realised in all the other attempts I've tried to push myself into a strict schedule straight away or commit to more than I could manage at the time, due to mental health, life commitment etc. So this time I want to be able to take my time and work myself back into a schedule, so the posts might not be regular or in any time of schedule for a while but i'm back blogging and that's the important thing.  And damn, I really have missed blogging, especially these last few months! I still take ph