Comedy at Backhaus&Co...Interview with Chris Norton Walker.

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So i'm back (Back again, guess whose back...oh my, showing my age there haha!).  And today I have quite an exciting post :)


Backhaus&Co is a family run bakery in Fargo Village, Coventry, where they also host comedy nights and film nights. The comedy night is proving to be quite a hit, but with moving house and everything,  i'm only just having to a chance to go this coming Tuesday (10th April), and from what I've heard i'm really looking forward to!

Laughter is medicine for the soul, and my soul is in some major need of medicine!
The acts on Tuesday are Adele Cliff, Ben Hanlin, Chris Norton Walker and Stasia Buckle. And I was lucky enough to get a chance to Interview Chris ahead of the event, he is an incredible act and if you're in Coventry on Tuesday evening get yourself down to Backhaus&Co! Tickets are only £4 each, and available here.

So let's get stuck into the Interview :).

1. What made you want to be a comedian?

From a young age, I’ve always enjoyed watching comedy on TV. It always seemed like an appealing thing to do. The fun of entertaining an entire room of people and making them laugh. Growing up I watched stand up shows for hours, on repeat. Not memorising them as such but allowing the words and phrasing and timing to get into my mind.

At school I always performed in plays and sketches, I preferred to be in comedic roles and getting a laugh was always a joy. Which inevitably led me to wanting to seek out performing outside of a learning environment. So I discovered a few sketch and eventually stand up and loved every second of it.

2. Where do you find the inspiration for your shows?

Inspiration for one liners happens everywhere and anywhere. From a misheard sentence to a slip of the tongue.

3. Where is your favourite place to perform?

My favourite place to perform is anywhere that they laugh. Although i do have favourite cities, such as Norwich, Cambridge, Oxford and Leicester. And for the sake of this gig Cov 😉

Chris Norton-Walker 2

4. Who are your influences in the comedy world?
I grew up watching, as every comedy fan does Monty Python and the classic sitcoms. As well as Eddie Izzard, Jimmy Carr and Ross Noble. And All of the one liner people.

5. Do you have any routines/rituals before going on stage to get yourself ready to perform?

I learn visually, so I will have a look at my mind palace and remember the jokes that way.

6. What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in comedy?

Start off my finding a local comedy club and going and watching. Try to look at what makes every comedian funny and how they interact or don’t with an audience. Go and talk to them after the show. Then start to find a local open mic and write write write write! Maybe the Backhaus on April 10th would be a good place start ;).

I'm really looking forward to going Tuesday and by the looks of it, laughing till my sides hurt! You can watch a video and find out more about two of the acts (Chris and Adele) here. And they have a Magician this time round too which sounds exciting! You can check his show reel out here.

 You can find out more here on the Facebook event, and there is the link to buy tickets on the event page too...hope to see you there!

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