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Comedy at Backhaus&Co...Interview with Chris Norton Walker.

Hey Lovelies, So i'm back (Back again, guess whose back...oh my, showing my age there haha!).  And today I have quite an exciting post :) Backhaus&Co is a family run bakery in Fargo Village, Coventry, where they also host comedy nights and film nights. The comedy night is proving to be quite a hit, but with moving house and everything,  i'm only just having to a chance to go this coming Tuesday (10th April), and from what I've heard i'm really looking forward to! Laughter is medicine for the soul, and my soul is in some major need of medicine! The acts on Tuesday are Adele Cliff, Ben Hanlin, Chris Norton Walker and Stasia Buckle. And I was lucky enough to get a chance to Interview Chris ahead of the event, he is an incredible act and if you're in Coventry on Tuesday evening get yourself down to Backhaus&Co! Tickets are only £4 each, and available here. So let's get stuck into the Interview :).   1. What made you want