What I got for Christmas 2016.

Hey Lovelies,

I love reading posts like this, seeing what everyone got from their loved ones from Christmas, it gives me ideas of things I might want to try or get for my self or as a gift for someone else. This post is in no way a bragging post, I was very lucky to be treated to lovely gifts from my loved ones and I just wanted to share with you what I got, maybe you'll see something you want to get for yourself or someone else.  I'll just be putting them all together, as I have already shared them on Instagram with who they are from.

So lets get stuck in.


Let's start with probably one of my favourite things, I'm a huge Batman fan so this was perfect for me! This was a present I asked for and I'm so glad I did. I love it! It's battery operated and it's bright enough to be used as a reading light whilst i'm in bed...which is perfect coz I want to start reading more but my light switch is the other side of the room so it was a nonsense getting back out of bed to switch it off when I was tired haha!|


I got many Harry Potter related gifts this year, anyone would think I'm obsessed!  I got the awesome duvet cover, which I hear was in high demand this year as it was constantly sold out! And of course gotta have the matching cushion. I also got the screenplay for the Fantastic Beasts film that is currently in cinemas, the film was amazing so I am looking forward to reading this! Not shown in the pictures is the little Harry Potter tin my friend got me, which is so cute I just need to find a purpose for it! I also got the Harry Potter baubles from Primark, I do which they were sold individually as I only really wanted the Slytherin one but I have been giving the other houses to people I know that are in the other houses, for example the Gryffindor one was given to my Boyfriend and is currently on his tree :).


I didn't get many beauty gifts this year, but I get get quite a few of my favourites replaced which is always a good thing. I got the adorable champagne inspired shower gels which all smell really good, I like little novelty gifts like this. I also got two bath bombs from a brand I've never heard of before, but they smell great and I've tried the christmas pudding one and it was pretty good. I also got a set of Lipsmackers lipglosses, in the Coca Cola flavours which are pretty great, I especially like the cherry coke one! I also got another set of Lynx Attract for her, which I know some people hate getting for Christmas but I love this scent and I always get a new set every year. And I finally got a new bottle of my favourite perfume, I ran out of this in early 2015 so it's great to have a new bottle and a bigger bottle so it will hopefully last me longer this time! I am of course on about the Lady Gaga Fame perfume.
 I have two of her perfumes now, I need to find out if there's any more.

I also got a really cute mug and hot chocolate set, the mug is huge! Definitely gonna be used on those days when I have an assignment to write! And I got a set of alcohol infused jams which I cant wait to try out. And more batman stuff, in the form of an alarm clock which is actually a very smart present for me as I don't always wake up on time so hopefully this will help.


 One thing I completely forgot to take a present of was my big present, which was a coffee machine! It's such a perfect present for me...I've really gotten into coffee this year and know I can make decent coffee at home. So the bags of coffee were a gift to go a long with the machine, I got a normal bag of coffee and then a bag of my favourite flavoured coffee from the Coffee store in Coventry market, Ed's coffee house. I LOVE the coffee from Ed's, it's freshly ground in front of you and they have such a wide selection of flavoured coffee and different strengths of coffee. If your ever in Coventry, go and visit his stall in the market! And i'm loving my Slipknot mug, it's probably one of my favourite gifts this year :)

I also got an adorable cat mug from Sass and Belle, which is cute AF and has me now loving all the stuff Sass and Belle sell, I will definitely be purchasing some more things from their soon! I also got a book full of quotes by the great David Bowie, which is a perfect present for me as I'm still not over the fact we lost him at the start of the year, he was such a talent and the world is slightly emptier without him. But now I have a little book full of his wisdom :) And finally I got a really cute colouring diary and skull pen, I really love the diary. 

It's not the usual diary layout I choose, but It'll be good for uni and having a full overview of the week at once so I can check out when assignments are due etc.

I also got 3 other bags of coffee from Ed's Coffee house, a mug cake set and Supernatural season 7 on DVD but dippy Gemma forgot to take a photo of them!

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.

did you get anything nice for Christmas?

Let me know in the comments below :)

Till the next time,