Review: Beautifully Scrumptious Christmas Pudding Bath Bomb.

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It's been so long since I've done a review and today I have a review of one of the things I got given as a present at Christmas.

So let's get Stuck in.

Beautifully Scrumptious  Christmas Pudding bath bomb. 


What the brand say: 
Don't wait until December to get your festive groove on and satisfy those Christmas cravings. add a little festive spirit to your bathroom with this spiced orange Christmas pudding bath bomb packed with festive flavours, nourishing ingredients which will leave skin feeling fabulous and topped with just a sprinkle of glitter.


I don't know how much it was as it was a gift, but the only place I can seem to find it online is Poundland so that price is pretty obvious. but as it's a Christmas product it may be on offer. 

Available in Poundland stores Nationwide and online.


My Thoughts: 
I'm a big fan of Lush bath bombs and usually stick to just products from there for baths, but as this was a gift I decided to try it out anyway.

I'm not overally found on the packaging, it's a lot compared to what i'm used to at Lush but obviously it's sold in a decent type of shop which sells a variety of different products so it has to be protected from damage I suppose. I didn't like unwrapping the bomb from the plastic though, it was quite fiddly and annoying.


It was very, very glittery...just touching the product to drop it into the bath made my hands super glittery. It smelt really good though, citrus and festive scents which smelt heavenly but didn't linger around very long after it had fully dissolved in the bath water. There was quite a few bit of glitter in the water, but it didn't stick to my skin or the bath after which was a plus.


It did change the colour of the water, to a washed out orangey yellow shade...not the most appealing shade, but it was a decent bath bomb. The water was nourishing to a point, my skin felt great whilst in the bath but there was no noticeable difference in the feeling of my skin afterwards.


It also isn't tested on Animals and is Paraben free, which is pretty impressive for a budget product.

Overall, I liked this bath bomb. I wouldn't pick it over my beloved Lush products, but it's a good alternative if you're on a very tight budget and wanted a festive, pampering bath. I would repurchase again if I saw them in the future, as a back up in case I ran out of my Lush bath bombs or was having a stressful day but couldn't afford Lush.



Have you tried this product or any other from the brand?

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