Mouthy Mondays: 2016 Recap.

Hey Lovelies,

well 2016 was a bit of bad one wasn't it? Brexit, Trump getting elected president (please tell me that one was just a bad dream) and so many legends and icons passed was tough for the world and tough for me and others.

But it wasn't all bad and it did end on a good note for me personally, and if anything the bad helped me grow as a person and I feel 2016 was the year I finally, truly found 'Me', towards the end of the year I've never felt this much like myself before.

So let's get started.

2016 Recap.

Jan- 2016 started in my favourite place, Cricceith in Wales. I went with my Church family just before New Year and stayed till the 2nd if I remember right. And it was a great start to the year, surrounded my new friends and old, with the beautiful scenery of the beach and castle. I had a great time, and it motivated me to get out of a relationship that was only dragging me down. I spent a lot of January with friends that I haven't seen in awhile and it was great. The only downside to January, was David Bowie and Alan Rickman passing away :( Those deaths really struck a nerve and I still struggle to believe such talent is gone from our world :(


Feb- February was a funny old month. It started good, in the middle of it I went away with Bardsley House to an adventure style place in Essex which was amazing. It was in a really old building, and all the rooms were themed on literature greats...there was a Harry Potter room, Alice in Wonderland, Lord of the rings, Narnia...just to name a few. It was a really fun few days and I came back with a new hobby...making friendship bracelets. But as the month went on my mental Health starting to become a bigger struggle, and I finally went to the doctors about it and ended up getting signed off for 2 weeks at the end of the month and became the journey of getting the right helps and meds.


Mar-Eurgh can I rewrite March? March my head was all over the place, I'd lost the motivation to do anything and I was having a mid 20's crisis I think! Easter was good, but the rest blah! I spent the first two weeks off work signed off and then made an idiot mistake of letting my ex back in my life simply because I felt lonely...seriously I wanna give March me a slap! But good things were gonna come from it, I just wish I knew that at the time.

Apr- April was fairly good. The only main things that happened in April was finishing the college part of my course and going to Sheffield with Young Leaders to a youth work conference. It was a odd weekend, the rooms looked like prison cells and they serviced the weirdest food on day one! But it was in a beautiful place, surrounded by woods and the late night games of Cards against Humanity would leave on forever.

May- Again not a very busy month, the first few months of the year blur into a journey of many doctor trips and trying to get the right meds for me and the help the doctors promised. I went away again in Early May, with Bardsley Youth again, back to beautiful Wales. This time to Porthmadog, which is a beautiful town near Cricceith. I had the best time, I rode a horse for the first time, rode on a quad bike and had lots of fun. We did go to Zipworld which is an underground zipwire place, but I chickened out when it came to the main bit...but I will go back again and face my fears!


Jun- This month things started to change. I realised I was dating an asshat and I knew I needed to do something about it...even if it took me a god damn month! I went to the Motofest in Coventry, which was pretty fun...loads of Triumph bikes that had me drooling! I was starting to feel more confident in myself in work, but not in that company. I started to consider leaving my job, but little did I know that choice was soon not to be my own.


Jul-Ah the month that changed everything! I went Camping with church in Mid july and it was really fun, someone I had seen for about a month came and it was good to see them, even if ten thousand feelings came flooding back and hit me like a truck! It was a nice break away and I found the motivation to ditch that asshat for the final decision ever! And to mark my fresh start in Life, I decided to get my first tattoo! I got 'Before I forget' tattooed on my left wrist, it's a song by Slipknot that means alot to me and was a reminder to never forget how far I've come, the person I've become and what I stand for. It was the start of my love for getting tattoos, I need more!


Aug- It was a good month. All but one thing, In August I found out I was losing my job at the end of September, but that turned out to be a blessing more than anything. The Cursed Child screenplay came out and I read it in a Harry Potter always! I started to spent time with someone who I'd had feelings for a long time and it was just a general good month.

Sep- My birthday month! And it was an epic month, the month started with the best thing ever, I couldn't have been happier, it was most definitely worth the year and half wait haha! And then my birthday came and I went to the Harry Potter studios with my mum which was fricken amazing...I seriously need to go back Asap. And then at the end of the month I took my mum to Blackpool for her birthday and finished my job on the last day of September...and then celebrated by dying my hair vibrant colours that my old boss never approved of! It was a really good month :)


Oct- Purple hair and tattoo number 2! I went two shades of purple in this month, the first didn't take very well so I bleached it again and tried a different shade...which was awesome! I also got my 2nd tattoo, on my right arm. It's a mandala style flower with feathers around it, it was my first colour piece and was my first bigger piece. It hurt like a bitch at times but it was so worth it, it's my favourite one and i'm forever getting compliments on it. I also got my first pair of Doc Martens which was the best decision, I rarely wear other boots now as they are just so comfy and easy to wear. Oct was the month I started going out a bit more, with my boyfriend by my side I felt more confident and relaxed in social scenes which was a very good thing :).


Nov- November can easily be described as one thing, fantastic ;) of course i'm on about Fantastic Beasts and where to find them....I went to the midnight screening with my boyfriend and his siblings which was amazing....I really must go and see that film again. I also had my interview for my access course, which I got onto which is nerve racking and excited at the same time.

Dec- The end of the year...I can safely say a lot of people were glad to see the back of 2016. The start of the month was good, friend's birthday party that was a messy but fun affair, I dyed my hair blue (my favourite colour so far), and I had the best Christmas since I moved out when I was 19. I got spoiled by friends and family, I had a lovely time spending Christmas with the boyfriend and his family. And i'm writing this on the 30th, but i'm quite sure New Year's Eve is going to be good...I'll be kissing the same person but this time around he's actually mine not just the guy I  had liked for ever :)

I can't wait for many more adventures in 2017.

Hope you all had a good time in 2016, and if not, I hope 2017 is 100% better for you all :)

Till the next time,