Stationary Haul #2

Hey Lovelies,

So I've been struggling with my mojo again a lot recently and it's starting to get me down as I really want to blog but I just can't find the motivation. But i'm getting my WiFi sorted in March and I know have my laptop and hopefully a new phone soon, so i'm just gonna try and blog when I get the motivation or inspiration hits me, instead of making a schedule then feeling naff because I'm not sticking it to.

But thank you for sticking with me even though I've been really bad at blog for over a year now...I will get back to how I want to be very soon!

So today, whilst I've got a bit of motivation, I thought I'd share a little haul from a fair while ago but since I love stationary and I know i'm not the only one out there...I thought i'd share it anyway. And I recently bought loads more new stationary (I can't resist stationary!), so that will also be up at some point.

So let's get stuck in.


Let's start with the essentials, I bought some notebooks in the last one, but I bought a smaller version for keeping my reviews and 2 A4 ones for college when I started back in October (I told you this haul was old!), and some plastic wallets and dividers for my folder. 

Boring but essential, I love buying all the essentials when you start a new course...I will miss that when I finish studying...but that's a good few years off still ;).


 I'm really bad when it comes to Diaries, as some as I see new designs I fall out of love with my old one...bad bad Gemma! And when I was getting my college stuff and popped into WHSmith and saw all the mid term diaries I knew I had to get one...and to be fair, my old was falling apart and had pen all over it, any excuse really ;) I really loved the simple but cute design of this one, especially the polka dots on the sides!

And the pencil case was just too cute too not get, most people in college just seem to throw pens in their bags but I love the simple pleasure of a pencil case filled with pens and all the essentials.


Pens glorious pens. I have so many yet I always seem to buy more. This time, I used college as an excuse! I used to just any pens but after finding these ones by Papermate, I pretty much reuse to use any other. They're are comfy to hold, which is important for someone who writes a lot and write so smoothly...perfect for blog planning, story ideas and long, long days at college!

The Bic pen was a tad of an impulse buy, I had a whole pack of pens I didn't need another one but it was so pretty and girly and quite different for me so I decided to pick it up to be a pen to throw in my bag when i'm out and about (but in reality, it just lives in my pen pot haha!).


I love writing notes and other things in a range of different colours and I love fineliners like these ones from Stabilo...they write so smoothly and are also great for colouring really fine detail bits in adult colouring books...another thing i'm completely addicted too!

I couldn't resist this stationary set and keyring...foxes are my favourite wild animals, and i'm a sucker for anything with a fox on it. I have so many little fox details at home and even have a fox tattoo planned at some point, so it was a no-brainer that I'd pick these up. I especially love the keyring, it's so cute!


And of course, I got the matching ring binder...though I don't use this as much as I thought so I need to find a new use for this beautiful thing!


I really wanted to get more organised this year, so I picked up lots of sticky notes..I use the little ones not as much but they're handy to have for quick reminders when your out and about. I usually use them to put my to do list in my diary, so I don't have to spoil my diary with the boring things like cleaning haha ;).

I saw this metallic clips and pins combo set in Asda, they had a pretty good stationary selection and I loved the fun-ness of these...basic items but pretty and metallic.


Finally, crayons. I needed some new ones for my colouring books and I saw these on offer so I thought I'd give them a go. I'm quite fussy when it comes to crayons because I want ones that don't use break everytime you sharpen, like the really cheap basic ones do and I wanted a good colour selection and these were perfect.

So that's all in this stationary haul, There will be another one probably very soon as stationary is my weakness!

Let me know if you've bought any cool new stationary recently!

Till the next time,