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Stationary Haul #2

Hey Lovelies,
So I've been struggling with my mojo again a lot recently and it's starting to get me down as I really want to blog but I just can't find the motivation. But i'm getting my WiFi sorted in March and I know have my laptop and hopefully a new phone soon, so i'm just gonna try and blog when I get the motivation or inspiration hits me, instead of making a schedule then feeling naff because I'm not sticking it to.
But thank you for sticking with me even though I've been really bad at blog for over a year now...I will get back to how I want to be very soon!
So today, whilst I've got a bit of motivation, I thought I'd share a little haul from a fair while ago but since I love stationary and I know i'm not the only one out there...I thought i'd share it anyway. And I recently bought loads more new stationary (I can't resist stationary!), so that will also be up at some point.
So let's get stuck in.

Let's start with the essentials…