Mouthy Monday: 2015 Recap & 2016 Plans.

Hey Lovelies,

So we're already pretty much a month into the year now and it's about time I get my recap of last year up and the plans for this year! My new laptop is on it's way and hopefully should be here by the Saturday after this goes up, but whilst I'm babysitting and got a few hours of laptop use, I thought i'd try to get these posts up before February if possible!
So let's start off with the the recap!

Looking back at 2015.

2015 was all in all, a pretty amazing year. It was the year a lot changed for me and I definitely changed as a person too. And it was filled with so many memories.
I'm not gonna dwell too much on the bad, as I want this to be a positive post and a positive year on the blog too so I don't wanna dwell! There was bad things, as life will never be perfect and that's OK, but the good completely outweigh the bad so massively in 2015.
So probably the main thing that happened in 2015, was getting my apprenticeship! I had applied to CWT (the training provider i'm with) back in October 2014 and I was starting to lose hope that I wouldn't find anywhere as I had so many interviews that went nowhere. I suck at interviews and the lack of experience was also probably not helping. In May though I got some amazing news at last though, I had a  8 week trail at a Pre-school. It was such an amazing time, an amazing Pre-school and amazing staff and children. Sadly, the Pre-school ended up closing down due to location issues and I had to find myself a new placement. And In August I found that place, I started a full time day nursery and have been there every since which is about 6 months now! I am loving it still and am so glad I never gave up!

The next main thing is Youth group. I started going to the Older group at Bardsley House in January as a few friends went and over time, the friends stopped going but I carried on because I just loved got me out of the house when I was feeling low, there was people there to talk to when I needed to help and the whole thing is just amazing...I could go on about why they mean the world to me but we'd be here all day so I'll save that for another post one day! But then in October, I was asked if I would like to do a young leaders course and I was so happy to ask because the place means so much to me, and if I can ever give back to them in whatever way, i'll always jump at the chance.


As part of the young leaders course, we went away for a weekend In Cricceith, Wales and it was pretty amazing. It is such a beautiful place and we went to this amazing place called Bounce Below, which is a underground trampoline adventure place, which I was terrified off going in but it was simply awesome! I will do a blog post on that soon, rather late but I really want to get one up so I will soon!


In July, I went to London for my first ever blogging event and it was incredible...I met some lovely people who made me feel a lot less nervous and I had an amazing afternoon in London, looking around and shopping! And I traveled down there all by myself which I'm pretty proud of myself for as that's quite a big thing for me as I don't travel alone that far ever!


In July as well, I got another cat! It wasn't planned, but it was my little sister's kitten and she was having some issues with the friends she got it off and was keeping it for her, and she asked me to look it after for awhile. But I fell in love with the cutie and then my sister said I could keep her! She's now 10 months old and adorable. She started off being called Rookie, as she was just so daft trying to copy Riley and not quite getting it right but over time I realised the name didn't suit her, and decided on the name Nim as she's so nimble and darts about the place with (almost) perfect precision! I really couldn't imagine the house without her now and she is so damn cute the way she comes over for a fuss and just flops all over you! I'll probably write a post about her in March when she turns one!

Also 2015 was the year I got back into my Photography...hooray! And I've been bitten by the bug completely this time, I am hooked. I am happiest when I have my camera on me and taking photos! It's lead to a few amazing things, like meeting new people and also doing my first ever wedding! My friends got married in November and It was a Steampunk wedding, and it was amazing and such a great opportunity to try my hand at wedding photography.


Finally, The end of year was spent in the beautiful Cricceith! I went there with Bardsley House and Urban Hope, which is the church I started to go to after the first time I went to Wales in November. We went from the 30th - 2nd and it was just amazing, Walks on the beach, Ice-Cream in a lovely little ice cream shop when it was chucking it down aside, visiting Porthmadog and go shopping, and then bringing in the New Year with old friends and new friends and going onto the beach at was perfection! Best few days of my life, ending the year on a happy note and starting the next year with a positive note! I will write a post about that too very soon!

Looking forward to 2016.

2016...The year I turn 26 (Yikes!) and many, many other things! I'm quite looking forward to this year, I've learnt that the way to look at life is to focus on the good thing, plan amazing things and go on amazing adventures that will help you get through the tougher things, and always surround yourself with good people that motivate and inspire you and only want the best for you. This year, I'm letting go of all the toxic friendships that have been holding me back and making me feel bad about myself, as sometimes letting go hurts a lot less than holding on!

Anyway, onto the plans for the years!

I have two main holidays booked this year so far, I'm going back to Cricceith in June. Currently on my own, but might take a friend along, but I really wanted to go back and I have some time off in June that I had booked for another holiday that was cancelled, so I decided to go back to the place that has pretty much become my happy place and I can't wait to go back!


Also in February, I am off back to London! This time with my wonderful best friend Laura. We are going to Walker Stalker Con which I am beyond excited about...Norman Reedus is gonna be there! eeek! and we're gonna spend the day before exploring London as she's never been and I never had a chance to fully explore last time, and take lots and lots of photos!


And my mum gave me the greatest news the other week when I was feeling abit rubbish in myself, She's taking me to the Harry Potter Studio tour around Easter time! I am such a big Harry Potter fan, I have loved the books every since my year 6 teacher read the first one to us and I love all the films so much...still to this day, almost 15 years since I first heard about the magical world and it's amazing adventures (Geek alert!). I am so excited to go and can't wait...gonna try butter beer and see the great hall, buy a wand and oh so many other things! I might even go twice this year, Hogwarts in Snow is back in November time and looks amazing so I really want to go to that.


And there's still so many more adventures waiting to taken, with my youth group, with photography and friends and family. 2016 is starting to shape up lovely!

So that's everything in the post, I hope you all had an amazing 2015 and that 2016 goes even better for you!

Till the next time, 



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