2016 Goals.

Hey Lovelies,

It's been quite a while since I last blogged, and I had quite a big break last year, which isn't quite over yet. I have finally gotten myself in a routine which means I have to time to blog, but I currently am still waiting on my laptop.

I plan to be back up and blogging full time by February, and I just want to thank those you have stayed with me despite being a very bad blogger last year!

So onto this post, Goals and Plans for 2016. We're just over two weeks into the year now, and it's gone off to a pretty good start. A few changes but mostly for the best.

So let's get stuck into my Goals and Plans for 2016!


1. Learn to accept my body as it is or do something about it. 

I decided on this one, because every year I say I'm gonna lose weight...blah I hate being fat etc etc, and then do fudge all to change anything! So this year I want to either learn to accept the body I have or do something to change it. So far, I've started to accept my body abit. I love that no matter what size I am, I am hourglass, I love certain parts of me I just don't feel this is my 'comfortable' size. So come payday I shall be deciding on what route I want to take...slimming world or exercise. Let me know which you thinks works best in the comments.


2. Start baking again.
I started last year with my passion for baking burning strong and then bam...it just died. I started to work and I wanted to bake but then never did. But that is gonna change, baking is in my blood...my great Nan was an incredible baker, and it's about time I get back into the kitchen and make her proud. So this year I'm gonna start baking more and start to experiment with things like sugar-craft...and I plan to share a lot of it on the blog so look out for that on here!

3. Finish the flat. 
Oh man, my flat! I have so many plans and they never get done! But this coming March I've been there two years so I'm kicking myself up the butt and starting to sort it out! I'm finally settled in a job, Its about time I start making my flat a home completely. I want a place I come home to and feel happy to be in, proud of enough to have my friends over more...so I'll starting my most favourite task soon...painting!

4. Get my tattoo done (or two ;) ) .
I really wanted my tattoo done last year but saving any money in the lead up to Christmas was damn near impossible but now it's a new year and I still have that itch to get my tattoo done so I will be getting it done pretty soon...hopefully March and maybe another one before the year is out!

5. Learn to manage my Anxiety & Depression, and get help if needed. And be one year 'Self Harm' clean. 

This one is my strongest one I think, it's the one I want to achieve more than anything.  I had a pretty good year last year, and I want to carry that on again this year...so i'm gonna keep doing the things that help me through the 'blips' and if it starts to become too much too handle, I'm gonna push myself to go the help I need. Before, I'd avoid doctors and mental healthcare professionals at all costs...mainly because of bad experience but also fear. But sometimes you gotta bite the bullet and get the help you need. The last part of this goal was something that hit me whilst I was in Wales, and that was this year I wanted to be completely self harm free and get help instead of giving in...so that's my goal this year!


1. Get my blogging mo-jo back!

Only one blogging go this year and that's simply to get my mo-jo back! A lot of my lack of posting last year was because of lack of a laptop and time, but when I did get a bit of time I just couldn't find the motivation to write anything...I'd get one post done and then the mojo would just vanish and I couldn't write anymore. And that would have been ok if I had a laptop of my own, but since I didn't I'd blog maybe once a month or so. Which was not what I wanted to do. But I have finally ordered a laptop and I'm currently waiting for it to be delivered and I'm buying a new camera on payday (which is a few days away from this post going live...yippee!), so hopefully be able to blog whenever the motivation hits me will mean I'll get my mojo back fully and make this blog what I want it to be!
I have a few other blog plans to but I shall share them once I've worked on them more and am ready to share them!


So that's all my goals for 2016, and my 2015 favourites should hopefully be up on Friday, better late than never hey!

Till the next time,