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Mouthy Monday: 2015 Recap & 2016 Plans.

Hey Lovelies, So we're already pretty much a month into the year now and it's about time I get my recap of last year up and the plans for this year! My new laptop is on it's way and hopefully should be here by the Saturday after this goes up, but whilst I'm babysitting and got a few hours of laptop use, I thought i'd try to get these posts up before February if possible! So let's start off with the the recap! Looking back at 2015. 2015 was all in all, a pretty amazing year. It was the year a lot changed for me and I definitely changed as a person too. And it was filled with so many memories. I'm not gonna dwell too much on the bad, as I want this to be a positive post and a positive year on the blog too so I don't wanna dwell! There was bad things, as life will never be perfect and that's OK, but the good completely outweigh the bad so massively in 2015. So probably the main thing that happened in 2015, was getting my apprenticeship!