Mouthy Mondays: The Year So Far (Jul-Sep).

Hey Lovelies,

So this post is quite overdue oops! But life just seems to have a habit of getting very busy non stop atm! Weekends too, their supposed to be my days off but they are always so busy...can't wait for the Christmas break! But hey this post is better late than let's get stuck in.


July wasn't a very jampacked month but it was still a pretty amazing month! I still had two weeks left at my old placement and it was amazing, it was hard knowing i'd have to say goodbye but I enjoyed every moment with them...the staff were amazing and the children were just little stars! The graduation for the preschoolers was just the cutest thing in the world...I shed a few tears!

On the plus side though, I found out that I got a permanent apprenticeship in a different nursery  and that's where I'm currently working still.

July was also the month I went to my first ever blogging event and traveled to London on my own! It was a great day, minus a few hiccups and I finally got to visit the Lush Oxford Street store! You can read about it in more detail here. I'm heading back to London with my best friend for Walker Stalker con and I can't wait!


In July, we also added a new addiction to the family! I am of course talking about a kitten, there's no babies for me anytime soon! We adopted Nim off my little sister and she's the perfect little bundle of was hard getting Nim and Riley to form a bond, Riley is very stubborn cat and didn't want to share the affection but they do now have a bond and are always playing and grooming each other which is adorable!

Nim is a handful sometimes still, but she is only 9 months old atm so she is still learning...and she is cute as hell so she get's forgiven quite easily. And the bond she has with the other half is just adorable, it's like we have a cat each Riley is my kitty and Nim is his.


It was also the month I finally got a new camera, but more about that in August!


August was the month I started my new job, the one where I'm currently at. I was quite nervous at first, it was quite different from my preschool and is a full time place not just half days but I love it! And it's really nice having money in my bank that I've actually earnt...feels great knowing that I worked hard for that money and knowing I can afford to do my flat up, buy myself treats and even save to go away next year!


August was also when I got back into my Photography majorly, having a new camera inspired me to use it for other things than just blogging and my passion for photography caught fire again! I set up my Photography Instagram page and will have a photography blog coming in the new year!


Now September is always my favourite month, as  it's birthday month for me!  And it was a sorta big birthday this year, the ripe old age of 25! Quarter of a century...felt scary at the time, considering I used to feel like I should have had so much more done with my life by now. But then I realised hell, it's my life I'll do things in my own time and enjoy every moment!

I had a pretty good time celebrating my birthday, I had the week off work because I was looking after my friend's boys whilst she had a much needed holiday, so I had a pretty chilled birthday filled with good company, presents, takeaway and cake...winning formula right there!


I celebrated my birthday with my foster mum and sisters at the start of the month with a lovely meal at Hungry Horse which was pretty delicious, I've only been there once before but will definitely go again.

I also went to a lovely buffet place in Coventry called Feast with my birth mum, which was also lovely. It was pretty affordable and the food was delicious, Indian and Chinese cuisine mostly and mega delicious  puddings...including one of the best apple crumble's I have ever tasted.


It was a bit sad towards the end of the month, as I woke up one morning to find out that my hamster had passed away :( We only had him a few months so it was a shock, and it was so sudden but hopefully it was quick for him. He was a crazy little fool, and I'll always remember the little cutie! :(


So that's everything that happened in those three months, I will have another one up at the end of December and a yearly recap in January!

Till the next time, 



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