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Mouthy Mondays: The Year So Far (Jul-Sep).

Hey Lovelies, So this post is quite overdue oops! But life just seems to have a habit of getting very busy non stop atm! Weekends too, their supposed to be my days off but they are always so busy...can't wait for the Christmas break! But hey this post is better late than let's get stuck in. July. July wasn't a very jampacked month but it was still a pretty amazing month! I still had two weeks left at my old placement and it was amazing, it was hard knowing i'd have to say goodbye but I enjoyed every moment with them...the staff were amazing and the children were just little stars! The graduation for the preschoolers was just the cutest thing in the world...I shed a few tears! On the plus side though, I found out that I got a permanent apprenticeship in a different nursery  and that's where I'm currently working still. July was also the month I went to my first ever blogging event and traveled to London on my own! It was a great da