Primark Haul #4-Late Sept/Oct 2015

Hey Lovelies,

So I actually have two Primark Hauls that I want to get up, I'm still trying to get into my routine so these have been building up in my photos for quite a while, but hey who doesn't love a good Primark haul!

So let's get stuck into the first one, which was from late September/early October, so technically it's a birthday Haul! It's a pretty small one so let's get started!


Boots, £15.

So first off, boots! Which to be honest, I was quite disappointed by! Usually I love boots from Primark, I've got a few pairs at home I've had a good couple of years or so now and their still great. But these just didn't cut the mark, they were super cosy with a furry lining but after only a few days of wear, the hell started to buckle inwards everytime I took a step which made it impossible to walk anyway in them. Maybe it was just a bad pair, but still disappointed as I really liked them but barely had any chance to wear them!


 Halloween T-Shrit, £5. 
I couldn't resist this when I saw it just hanging there (haha ;) ), I love Halloween and Bats, so this was just calling my name! And it was only £5, so didn't break the bank. It's a really soft material and even though it's a Halloween top, it can be worn all year with a pair of jeans or shorts in the summer.


Burgundy Shoulder detail top, £6.
I love tops like this as they are so easy to wear, just throw them together with pretty much anything and you're reading to go. I love pairing it with Jeans for a simple day look, it is a little thin so a vest top or bandeau underneath for a bit of modesty if you don't want the whole world to see your bra.


Sequinned Beanie, £3. 
It's that time of year again where I get to buy new beanie hats! There's nothing I love more than buying new beanie's in winter, and I couldn't resist this one! It's the perfect colour for this time of year and the perfect beanie to add to the collection ;).

Shoulder Bag, Was £10 Now £5.

I first saw this bag in a Primark haul on Youtube and then again in a magazine, and as soon as I saw it I wanted it! Usually when I see something in a magazine or another haul, I always struggle to find it in my local Primark. So when I did manage to find it in my local Primark, and it was also in the sale I almost bought one in each colour! But I didn't really like the tan one as much so I picked up the black one. It's surprisingly spacious, I can fit quite a bit in there, even my camera which is fairly bulky! Best bag I've ever found in Primark I think.


Minnie Mouse Bag, £10.
How cute is this bag! I couldn't resist it, it's one of those shopper style bags with the little pouch inside what can be removed. Usually I don't like this style of bag as I just feel it's too open and I prefer bags that I can close properly, but it's such a handy bag with the added bonus of a cute design! The pouch is so handy to keep the more important things safe and the bag itself is perfect for a day out shopping, especially now that you need to carry spare bags with you if you have a lot of shopping to do.

                                                        Earrings, 50p-£1. 
It had been awhile since I had worn earrings so I decided to get myself some new ones, and some ear sliders too. I'm completely in love with the ear sliders, even though it took me forever to work them out! I love Primark jewellery, as it's always so affordable which gives you the opportunity to change your jewellery style whenever you want.

Socks, £2.50/3pk.
I can't leave Primark without buying socks it seems, and this time it was no exception...especially these cute animal design ones, I definitely couldn't leave them behind (any excuse!).

Cinnamon Maple Candle, £1.
As soon as I saw this candle, it just screamed Christmas to me! I love anything cinnamon at Christmas and this is gorgeous! Such a great little candle for only £1...I picked up two but will definitely pick up some more at some point!
So that's everything I picked up in Primark in this haul, they'll be another one pretty soon but I won't do them back to back!

Have you found any Primark bargains recently?

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter :)

Till the next time,