Empties #4

Hey Lovelies,

So It's been a very long time since I last blogged and a longer time since my last Empties! Since starting work I have so much less time on my hands and I don't get to go and use my friend's laptop as much as I did before. But that problem should be solving itself soon as i'm saving up for a laptop so any suggestions of a good one for blogging let me know!

So anyway, onto the Empties! I took this Photos in August, so quite awhile ago but I have some favourite products in this one so I wanted to upload it anyway!


So let's get stuck in!


Clairol 5 in 1 Shampoo. 4/5.
I bought this originally for the boyfriend too use and in the end, I used most of it! It's a really good shampoo and I loved the smell...just smelt so simple and clean which was a nice break from the other shampoos I use.

Macadamia Oil Extract Shampoo and Conditioner. 3/5.
I liked these, but they were nothing special. I picked them up in the Poundshop and they did their job, but the conditioner was abit too runny for my liking I prefer one's that are quite thick so I can leave them to sink in.

Pure Coconut Intensively Hydrating Hair Repair mask. 4/5.
This was a good hair mask, pretty thick consistency and smelt bloody amazing. And it was pretty hydrating, my hair loved this during the summer when the heat was making it a crazy dry mess!

Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask. 3/5
This was average, it made my hair feel great at first but after around half way through it started to stop showing the same results. It smelt amazing though and not that bad for £1.


Aussie Mega Watt Body Wash. 5/5.
I've reviewed this on the blog here and have since repurchased it (but not seen in shops so not sure if i can buy more! Boo :( ), so I won't go into too much detail why I love it as it's all in the review. But the brand is a firm favourite and this is just another great product by them.

Carex Complete Fun Edition Handwash Bubblegum. 5/5.
I've tried pretty much every one of the fun editions but this is my favourite...handwash is usually such a boring thing but I love this one and have repurchased it several times now and everyone who visits always comments on how much they love it too.

Lynx Attract for her. 4.5/5.
I've raved about this product quite a lot and for good reason, it's doesn't give the most protection in the world but I just love the scent so much. I always end up getting a list one gift set of it each year for Christmas and hopefully this year will be no different!

Sure Pure Crystal Invisible deodorant. 4/5.
I loved this, It was long lasting and smelt amazing...though sometimes could be abit drying on the armpits. I used to use Sure all the time, but at the moment I prefer Rightguard over Sure as it's a lot less drying but gives the same protection.

Clean & Clear Advantage Clear and Soothe Daily Scrub. 5/5.
I loved this and need to repurchase this asap! It was perfect for keeping the spots at bay and if one did get through it cleared it up almost instantly after using this. It's a scrub but it's not too harsh on the skin and left my skin feeling clean but not stripped after use which I loved.

Annoyingly I have no clue what Lush product this was but there's no doubt I loved it as it's Lush!

I-Care Make up wipes 2.5/5.
I know it's such a blogger sin to use make up wipes but they are so convenient on days when you just can't be bothered with the usual routine or are away from home and all the usual products you use. These were okay nothing special and dried up really fast. I prefer the ones you can buy in Primark, for the price they are amazing especially the Argan Oil ones.


Jemma Kidd I-Define Volumising Mascara. 4/5.
I got this free in a magazine awhile back and I loved it at first, but I completely forgot about it and in the end it dried up.

MUA Undress Your Skin Foundation. 5/5.
This is one of my favourite foundations, I used it so often and it lasted so long...it took me forever to use it up! I loved the finish and it lasted pretty much all day on my skin, and the colour match was perfect. definitely need to get this again soon!


Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow in Rose Gold. 5/5.
I completely loved this shade, and I almost managed to use it all up before it completely dried out. The colour was gorgeous, a subtle pink shimmery colour that looked perfect on the eyelids. I will definitely repurchase this once some of the other one's I have are finished up.

So that's everything in my Empties for this time, will hopefully have the next one up within the next month, it's already full of some of my favourite items.

What have you used up recently that you loved?

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter :)

Till the next time,