Review: George Super Boost Foundation.

Hey Lovelies,

I'm always on the hunt for my perfect foundation, that one that outshines all the others and be the one I repurchase time and time again! I have yet to find it, I've tried many that have come close but not quite perfect enough.

In my hunt for the perfect foundation, I stumbled across this foundation. I was in Asda picking up a few bits from George Clothing when I noticed the George make-up stand and saw this foundation and the matching concealer on offer so I thought I'd give it a go to see if it's a contender.

So let's get stuck into the review!


What George Say:

I couldn't find a description of this product online, but it says on the bottle that it's a awakening and radiance boosting, hydrating mineral enriched super gel foundation. 


Available in Asda & George stores nationwide that have a make up section and Online here. 


My Thoughts: 

This looks very similar in concept and design to the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, so I was interested if it would be a dupe. I've tried the Bourjois one before but it was I had the wrong shade, but I loved the foundation.

This foundation from George has Super lightweight feel on the skin, and blends out beautifully if applied with hands. Sometimes if it's applied with a make up brush, it dries very quickly before it has blended onto the skin properly but other times it's perfectly fine. It's a very buildable foundation though, it applies as a medium cover foundation but can be built up to a fuller coverage.


It's a pretty bang on shade match, which I honestly weren't expecting as the shade range is pretty I think it's more of a lucky dip if everyone will find their perfect shade, but you can always mix two shades together to make your perfect shade if needs be, as it's so lightweight that mixing two won't mess with the texture.

It smells pretty good for a foundation, and as for being a dupe for the Bourjois it's close but not 100% but it's fairly close if your after a cheaper alternative you can pick up whilst you're doing your grocery shopping.


The pump, however is really annoying. I thought I maybe had a dodgy one but after a little research online, I'm not the only one who had issues with the pump. It can get a bit stiff and ends up spraying the foundation all over the place. And recently it's started to get blocked easily too making it impossible to use the pump at all.

Apart from the pump, it's a pretty good foundation. Is it my Holy Grail? It was good but not good enough...the search goes on!


Have you tried this foundation? Or have any recommendations of foundations I should try?
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