Primark Haul #3 - August/September 2015.

Hey lovelies,

So we all know of my love of Primark, and after getting my job I knew I would be picking up a few bits now and then on paydays. And well Payday happened, and I picked more than a few things up! Some of this haul is from early August and the rest is what I picked up on payday.

So let's get stuck into the haul!

it's a long one so go grab yourself a cuppa!

IMG_3732 IMG_3748 IMG_3750

First off the boring part, socks. I personally love socks, especially Primark ones, there's so many different designs and colours which means you don't have to stick to boring old basic socks...when you can buy some fun ones from Primark for around £1-£2.50. I picked up several packs, and a few individual pairs. I partially love the ones with the neon flowers and patterns, and the fox pair with the cute frilly details.

IMG_3765 IMG_3771 IMG_3772 IMG_3775

Next up, Pajamas! I love the range of pajamas in Primark, from the branded sets to the Primark sets...there's something for everything. As soon as I spotted the Owl ones, I couldn't resist picking them up, I love Owls and the design on the shorts is just so pretty...and they were only about £5 so a bargain too!

I've been eyeing up the Harry Potter stuff for quite awhile, I've loved the books and films since I was a kid and I finally gave in and picked up these Gryffindor ones. It's a shame they only come in two of the four houses, as I would have loved to have a Ravenclaw pair! But I love these, they look awesome and are so comfortable...I need to go back and by some more Harry Potter Pjs!

IMG_3816 IMG_3805 IMG_3698

Next up, some essential basics!
I saw these High Waisted grey wash jeans in the sale section and I decided to pick them up as I've been wanting a new pair of jeans before and had never tried a pair of high waisted one's so decided to give them ago...I love the jeans I just don't like the high waisted part of them...because my waist is quite a few bit smaller than my hips they keep sliding down to my hips and I can't really use a belt because of how high up it would be and it would show through my tops. I'll try a size down next thing I think.

I always pick up these shoes, they are £4, and go with everything from dresses to jeans. And they now come in some many different colours and designs, there's a wine coloured pair that I have my eye on and might pick up they'd be perfect for Autumn!

Now it's getting slowly colder and autumn is making it's appearance (Yay! I love Autumn!), I decided I needed to pick up some more pairs of Super Cosy tights. They are seriously the best tights for when it gets colder, the fleece lining making your legs so warm and cosy despite the chill in the air...and at £2.50 a pair they are super affordable to stock up on.


I wore these boots in a recent outfit post, and I'm so glad I found they them. They were in the sale and were only £7...such a bargain which i'm gonna get so much wear out of! They are quite sturdy for Primark boots (though all the boots have been of such high quality for the past year from Primark, which i'm pretty inspired with), so I can see them lasting quite awhile.


I saw these blankets in the sale, so I Picked up for the cats to share (crazy cat lady alert!) and one to keep me snuggly in the winter! These blankets are so super soft and so cosy, and for under a £5 in the sale...I can't complain! The cats love their blanket but are always trying to steal mine!

IMG_3777 IMG_1416 IMG_1426

Next up, candles and cups!
I've always been a huge candle lover, so when I saw this little candles for only £1 each I had to pick some up. The white one is sweet vanilla and coconut, I love anything vanilla scented and this was pretty nice when it was warmer, but I think I'll stick to my favourite vanilla candle from Ikea! The Purple one is Blackcurrant and Forest Plum, which is perfect for cosy autumn nights!

I picked up the fox travel mug for work, tea is always needed when you start work at 8:30am! I have a massive love for cute woodland creatures so, of course, I couldn't resist the fox damn cute! Think I need a fox blanket and cushion next! And everyone who knows me, knows how much I love Batman so it was obvious I'd be picking up this Batman cup!

IMG_3761 20150621_104818

I spotted this oversized holdall in the sale and it was only £5, so of course I snapped it up ready for weekends away and overnight stays if I over pack :p, and it's come in handy already quite abit! It's pretty spacious, and I love the laser-cut's perfect size for when I go away with my best friend to London next year!

So many people have picked up this makeup bag, but can you blame them? It's so cute! I use it for all the little beauty bits I keep in my handbag but it carries quite a fair bit of make up so would be good if you're going away for a few days or if you don't have a massive make-up collection and it was only £4 which isn't that bad for a Disney bag.

20150621_104936 IMG_3788 IMG_3792

More foxes, what a surprise! I have two versions of this purse, a smaller one that was abit too small as it didn't have a separate area for notes so I picked up the bigger version. I really liked fun printed purses at the time and I still love it, but I am on the look out for a different purse...I change my mind so often on purses it's ridiculous!

I already have enough make up bags, but I couldn't resist this one. The design reminds me of oil in water, that beautiful metallic rainbow that it forms and the bag is so soft to the touch. It's a really good sized make up bag, mine is currently full of all the make up I want to try out soon and review...and that leads me onto the next part of this haul, Primark make up.

IMG_3797 IMG_3795 
 I've tried a few odd bits from the make-up range before and I've liked what I tried so I thought I'd try some more from the range...I picked up a variety of nail polishes, eye make up and lip products. I won't go into too much detail about each individual item as I plan to write up a first impressions post as soon as I've picked up some base and cheek products...but for the price the make-up is pretty good.

I especially like the lip crayons, I have 3 shades now and I completely love them...and they were only £1.50 which makes them an amazing bargain!

So that's everything I picked up in August/September, Payday is only 2 days away by the time this post goes up, so there might be a haul coming again sometime soon :p
Have you picked up anything good from Primark recently?

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

Till the next time,