OOTD: I Can Deal With Anything As Long As I Have The Right Shoes.

Hey Lovelies,

So the other weekend, I met up with my lovely best friend (@dinky_lou_la_bell on Instagram...go follow her for beautiful photography...she is amazing!) for Costa, and I was wearing my new chunky boots and one of my favourite dresses, and I thought this would be a great outfit for an post!

And luckily, she offered to take the photos and of course...she took some amazing photos! I still don't feel 100% in my skin, which I am going to do something about but until them I'm gonna try and accept my body, flaws and all along the journey to that goal. And when you surround yourself with people that love you for you and not your size, you sometimes forget all the negative feelings about yourself...even if it's just for a brief few moments. I know when me and Laura go out and about with our cameras, I forget the world around me.
So let's get stuck into the post!

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What I'm wearing:

Dress - Primark.
Tights - Primark.
Boots (£7, was £20.) - Primark.

Another load of Primark goodness, which I have already explained in my last OOTD post (not that I need to explain...bargains everywhere! What's not to love.).

I bought this dress quite a few months ago in the sale, and it's been one of my favourite since I've bought it...it was only a £5 too! I don't usually go for dresses that have a stretchy bit (how technical of me!) that's just under the boobs as it makes my belly look bigger than it and doubles the size of my boobs and they really don't need doubling! But I love this dress, the design is gorgeous and I feel great it in, despite where it sits on me. I especially love the panels at the top and over the arms.

Of course, the tights are the Super Cosy ones! They are the perfect tights for when the weather gets chiller and you want to wear a dress etc and not get cold legs, and that fleece lining makes all the difference. And at only £2.50 you can easily stock up on a few pairs to get you through winter without breaking the bank. I think I've been buying these tights since I was like 17/18...they're a firm favourite for life!

And finally, those boots! I've been after a pair like them forever so when I spotted them in Primark for only £7 down from £20, I had to snap them up. They go with so many outfits and are so comfortable to walk in, which makes them the perfect boots for me! I love pairing them with shorts and tights or a dress to toughen up the look like I did here in this outfit. I can see me getting a lot of wear out of them in winter and next summer too! I definitely need more boots like these!

Have you found any Primark bargains recently?

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter :)

Till the next time,