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Mouthy Mondays: Things I learnt in my early 20's.

Hey Lovelies, So it's my 25th birthday tomorrow (Tuesday). To be honest, it feels quite surreal as I just don't feel 'old' enough to be 25, especially when I compare myself to other 25 year olds I know! So many other people who are 25 have jobs, families, travelling all over the place and even some are married, and then there's little old me. Only just sorted out a job, definitely no kids, haven't been on a proper holiday for a hell of a long time and definitely not married! But looking back, I don't regret much of my early 20's. Alot has changed since I turned 20, a lot has happened and i'm definitely a different person than I was 5 years ago and i'm glad...I like who I'm becoming (most days!). So I thought I'd share some of the 'life' lessons I've learnt over the past 5 years. So let's get stuck in. 1.You realise who your true friends are. As you get older, especially as you enter your 20's, you st

Lush Reviews: Intergalactic Bath Bomb.

Hey Lovelies, So I've been a tad absent from the blog recently, I started my job at the beginning of August and I've been so shattered afterwards getting into the new routine that I barely get anything done afterwards, all I wanted to do was go home and rest! But now I've been there a month now, I've slowly got myself into a routine and a bit more organisined (this part still needs a LOT of work), I can get back into writing posts again! And I thought I'd start off with something from one of my favourite shops...we are obviously talking about Lush! And know I have a job and a bit more money coming in, we all know it's gonna result in a few Lush Hauls! And today's review is about one of my new favourite products from Lush, that used to be an Oxford Street exclusive but is so popular it is now available online and most Lush Stores nationwide (I'm not 100% which sure stores have it, but I know the Coventry one does!). So Let's get stuck i