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Primark Haul #3 - August/September 2015.

Hey lovelies,
So we all know of my love of Primark, and after getting my job I knew I would be picking up a few bits now and then on paydays. And well Payday happened, and I picked more than a few things up! Some of this haul is from early August and the rest is what I picked up on payday.
So let's get stuck into the haul!
it's a long one so go grab yourself a cuppa!

First off the boring part, socks. I personally love socks, especially Primark ones, there's so many different designs and colours which means you don't have to stick to boring old basic socks...when you can buy some fun ones from Primark for around £1-£2.50. I picked up several packs, and a few individual pairs. I partially love the ones with the neon flowers and patterns, and the fox pair with the cute frilly details.

Next up, Pajamas! I love the range of pajamas in Primark, from the branded sets to the Primark sets...there's something for everything. As soon as I spotted the Owl ones, I couldn't resis…

Review: George Super Boost Foundation.

Hey Lovelies,
I'm always on the hunt for my perfect foundation, that one that outshines all the others and be the one I repurchase time and time again! I have yet to find it, I've tried many that have come close but not quite perfect enough.
In my hunt for the perfect foundation, I stumbled across this foundation. I was in Asda picking up a few bits from George Clothing when I noticed the George make-up stand and saw this foundation and the matching concealer on offer so I thought I'd give it a go to see if it's a contender.
So let's get stuck into the review!

What George Say:
I couldn't find a description of this product online, but it says on the bottle that it's a awakening and radiance boosting, hydrating mineral enriched super gel foundation. 
Price:  £6.00
Available in Asda & George stores nationwide that have a make up section and Online here. 

My Thoughts: 
This looks very similar in concept and design to the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation…

OOTD: I Can Deal With Anything As Long As I Have The Right Shoes.

Hey Lovelies,
So the other weekend, I met up with my lovely best friend (@dinky_lou_la_bell on Instagram...go follow her for beautiful photography...she is amazing!) for Costa, and I was wearing my new chunky boots and one of my favourite dresses, and I thought this would be a great outfit for an post!
And luckily, she offered to take the photos and of course...she took some amazing photos! I still don't feel 100% in my skin, which I am going to do something about but until them I'm gonna try and accept my body, flaws and all along the journey to that goal. And when you surround yourself with people that love you for you and not your size, you sometimes forget all the negative feelings about yourself...even if it's just for a brief few moments. I know when me and Laura go out and about with our cameras, I forget the world around me. So let's get stuck into the post!

What I'm wearing:
Dress - Primark. Tights - Primark. Boots (£7, was £20.) - Primark.
Another load of Primark…

Mouthy Mondays: Things I learnt in my early 20's.

Hey Lovelies,
So it's my 25th birthday tomorrow (Tuesday). To be honest, it feels quite surreal as I just don't feel 'old' enough to be 25, especially when I compare myself to other 25 year olds I know! So many other people who are 25 have jobs, families, travelling all over the place and even some are married, and then there's little old me. Only just sorted out a job, definitely no kids, haven't been on a proper holiday for a hell of a long time and definitely not married! But looking back, I don't regret much of my early 20's.
Alot has changed since I turned 20, a lot has happened and i'm definitely a different person than I was 5 years ago and i'm glad...I like who I'm becoming (most days!). So I thought I'd share some of the 'life' lessons I've learnt over the past 5 years. So let's get stuck in.
1.You realise who your true friends are.
As you get older, especially as you enter your 20's, you start to work out which f…

Lush Reviews: Intergalactic Bath Bomb.

Hey Lovelies,
So I've been a tad absent from the blog recently, I started my job at the beginning of August and I've been so shattered afterwards getting into the new routine that I barely get anything done afterwards, all I wanted to do was go home and rest! But now I've been there a month now, I've slowly got myself into a routine and a bit more organisined (this part still needs a LOT of work), I can get back into writing posts again!
And I thought I'd start off with something from one of my favourite shops...we are obviously talking about Lush! And know I have a job and a bit more money coming in, we all know it's gonna result in a few Lush Hauls!
And today's review is about one of my new favourite products from Lush, that used to be an Oxford Street exclusive but is so popular it is now available online and most Lush Stores nationwide (I'm not 100% which sure stores have it, but I know the Coventry one does!). So Let's get stuck in to the Review!