Stationary Haul #1

Hey Lovelies,

So when it's comes to stationary I'm abit of a hoarder! Ever since I was allowed to pick my own stationary for school, I've been a magpie for everything stationary related! And now being a blogger, is just another excuse I use for my obsession with buying more stationary. 

Though for some things, I have started to chose practical over pretty...either way it's still more stationary so i'm happy ;) And I thought as a now quite a few other people are stationary addicted just like me, I'd start sharing what I pick up on the blog!
So let's get stuck into what I've picked up recently.


So starting off with the slightly boring but essential, notebooks. I used to buy just random pretty notebooks for the big bulk of blog planning, the schedules, drafts and review notes etc but I picked up these once and they do the job. Not the prettiest of notebooks, but the paper is good quality and is perfect for review notes which is what I use the little one for, and schedules and drafts in the big one. And their pretty cheap too which is always a bonus.


I picked up these in B & M which has some pretty nice stationary, all that is pretty affordable. I picked up the notebooks to be keep in my bag for any on the go ideas or notes, and the other to keep in my empties basket as I sometimes forget exactly what I loved or disliked about a product when it's all used up so now I can keep notes on the products each time I put them in the basket.

The weekly planner is great for keeping a track of what's on within the week and what posts I have coming up...I write everything up on Sunday and put it up on my noticeboard which is close to my bed so when I wake up it's the first thing I can see, so I can check what I have on that day, any blog posts going up on that day etc. And the Owl detail just makes it even more perfect for me.


I couldn't resist this organiser when I spotted it in Wilko's, It's quite small so it's the perfect size to throw into any bag, and has different sections: a planner, a to do list, a note section and address section. I'd probably never use the address section but all the other sections are quite handy and i'd get quite a bit of use out of this, both for blog and personal.

And the push pins in the same collection were too cute not to pick up, I love the cute button design and the different colours mean if I wanted to I could have a different colour for a separate thing like work, blog or college, but I just use them all for the same purpose.


Another Wilko purchase that was too hard to resist...Mustache pencil! I have a love for mustache designs and this was no exception...I don't think I'd ever use it though as it looks too amazing too use...but it does make my pencil pot look awesome!


Lastly, I spotted this notebooks in Home Bargains and I had to have them. Their wasn't a price on the shelf but It being Home Bargains I knew it wouldn't be much so I put them in my basket thinking they'd be around £2 each...but they only 99p! I love the designs, especially the white and gold chevron print! And the paper is amazingly good quality for the price! I wish I'd picked up more now!

So that's everything I've picked up recently, I have a specific one that's got all my college supplies in so I'll have that one up in time for the end of the month when people will be preparing to go back to Uni/college/school in September.

Have you found any amazing stationary recently?

Let me know in the comments, or on Twitter!

Till the next time,