Lush Haul #3: July 2015 Oxford Street Exclusives.

Hey Lovelies,

So as I mentioned in my post about my day in London (Post here), I braved the chaos of Oxford Street to go to the biggest Lush Store in the world, which is filled with all the original products and more importantly, more than 200 exclusives products.


I didn't pick up much, just 5 items...this involved a lot of self control as I could have quite easily walked out of there with a massive bag of products there was that many things I wanted to try!


So let's get stuck into the haul and see what I picked up!

20150718_151533 20150718_151611

So the first thing I picked up was the Intergalactic Bath Bomb (£3.50). I've heard so many things about this, I knew I had to give it ago. The Minty scent is quite different to what I usually pick up from Lush, but I actually quite liked it and It looks so pretty...I can't wait to see what it's like in the bath.

20150718_151743 20150718_151838 20150718_151846

I had heard so much about The Experimenter (£3.75) and I had to pick one fact I picked up two! It has four different colours on the outside and in the bath it apparently looks amazing...Lush describe it as a bath time motion picture so I can't wait to try it out.

 20150718_151956 20150718_152031

Next up is one of the new Bath Oils, they are all £2 each and our little balls of solid oils to throw in the bath to make it wonderfully luxurious and moisturising. I picked up two, one of them being this pretty thing called Razzle Dazzle...I completely love the scent to this and can't wait to try this out.

20150718_152233 20150718_152257

I've bought this one before, but back when it was called a bath melt. The Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment (£2), is a firm favourite and I love the new design. The smell is still the same, and one of my favourite of all time, the same as Creamy candy and Snow Fairy shower gel. I really wish I had picked up more of these!


Finally, I saved my absolute favourite to last. When I heard about The Comforter Shower Cream(various prices and sizes), It went to the top of my wishlist! The Comforter Bubble Bar is one I buy over and over again, so of course I wanted to try this. And I am in love...the scent is just gorgeous and shower time from now on is gonna be the best ever!

So that's everything I picked up in Lush Oxford Street, I'm back in London in October so there will definitely be another haul from Oxford Street around that time so keep your eye's open!

Have you been to the Oxford Street Lush Store?

What's your favourite product? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!

Till the next time,



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