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Lush Haul #3: July 2015 Oxford Street Exclusives.

Hey Lovelies, So as I mentioned in my post about my day in London (Post here), I braved the chaos of Oxford Street to go to the biggest Lush Store in the world, which is filled with all the original products and more importantly, more than 200 exclusives products. I didn't pick up much, just 5 items...this involved a lot of self control as I could have quite easily walked out of there with a massive bag of products there was that many things I wanted to try! So let's get stuck into the haul and see what I picked up! So the first thing I picked up was the Intergalactic Bath Bomb (£3.50) . I've heard so many things about this, I knew I had to give it ago. The Minty scent is quite different to what I usually pick up from Lush, but I actually quite liked it and It looks so pretty...I can't wait to see what it's like in the bath. I had heard so much about The Experimenter (£3.75) and I had to pick one fact I picked up two

OOTD: Lace Kimono & Flower Crowns.

Hey Lovelies, So the last time I did a outfit post on the blog was well over a year ago now, and in the last one I had dropped a few sizes and was becoming more comfortable in my skin. Since then, I have gained that weight back and a little more because the way I lost it all before wasn't healthy and mainly down to stress. And since eating properly, it's come back and I've gone up a few sizes again, but as soon as i'm settled into my new work routine i'm getting myself back on slimming world. Anyway, because of the weight gain I haven't really had to confidence to be in front of the camera and do another outfit of the day. But my lovely friend (and Wifey) Laura, wanted a bit more practice with Photo shoots (she's an amazing photography who you can find on Instagram, look for @dinky_lou_la_bell and give her a follow!) and I had this gorgeous lace Kimono from Primark that I really wanted to put on the blog so I thought its about time to do another ou

Mouthy Mondays: The Year So Far (Apr-Jun).

Hey Lovelies, I can't believe its half way through the year already! Time is flying so quickly, especially over the past few weeks! So without too much rambling on, let's get look back at the last few months! April.  April was fairly busy, but looking back it took me awhile to remember everything that happened! I really need to start keeping notes of all the events that happens in the month so I can recall things better! First off, I started volunteering at Scope. It was a work placement I was sent on but I really enjoyed it, I made a few new friends and I loved dressing the windows and finding bargains ;). Despite leaving there in May, it has really reawakened my love for charity shops and the bargains they hold inside! April was also the month I got my little Hamster, Rambo. He's a little cutie and the perfect new addition to my little family of pets ;). A major big event in April was my baby sister's 16th birthday! It's making me so old

Lifestyle: A Day out in London & Catalyst PR A/W Preview.

Hey Lovelies, So last Friday (17th), I got up super early and travelled down to London. A few weeks back, I was invited to my first ever blog event by the lovely Catalyst PR and I thought It's been around 10 years since I was in London last (I was a teenager and my mum had bought us all tickets to see ' Joseph & the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat ' and we went down for the weekend...I still Musicals to this day!), so I'll make a day out of it, go sight seeing and shopping afterwards. And I thought It'd blog about the day in London and my experience at the event. So let's get stuck in So as I said I got up super early, I was up at half 5 to get myself ready and to the Mega bus bus stop in time for 8:30...but unfortunately the day didn't start as well as planned. I ended up missing my coach thanks to the mega annoying bus driver who decided to drive like a snail despite the roads still being pretty quite quiet. So I went to the train station

Empties #3.

Hey Lovelies, I have another Empties! I really love doing these posts, you have a more complete opinion on the products if you've used them all up. And it also motivates me to use up more products before opening something I was so bad at that! I'd have a whole load of products open at all various stages of being used up! So now I try to finish products up before I open anything new...more products for Empties posts and less win! So let's get stuck in! of course, there will always be bath products! Imperial Leather Signature Field of Dreams Moisturising Bath Cream . 4.5/5. I loved this bath cream, not mega keen on the scent some days, it was odd some days I really liked the scent and other days I couldn't stand it.  It was super moisturisng and left my skin feeling amazing after each bath. I'd repurchase this, but it wouldn't be my first choice.  Imperial Leather Signature Sea of Tranquility Relaxing bath cream.