Primark Haul #2

Hey Lovelies,

So it's been a hell of a long time since my last post, over a month in fact! But I've been so busy with my Work Experience at the Pre-school and I've not done as much babysitting this past month so my access to a laptop has been fairly limited and everytime I had a chance to my motivation to write a post just went flying away with the clouds!

But it's time for me to get focused again, so time to get posting again! I've even gone out and bought all new stationary to motivate me to focus more and have even wrote up a new schedule plan which should help me plan and schedule posts more efficiently.


So I thought I'd start with a haul I've had saved up forever waiting to be posted...another Primark haul! This is from back in April (I think), so it's about time I get round to posting it up. So let's get stuck in.

20150411_082142 20150411_081633

So first off these dresses, I did return one but I thought I'd show post I picked up as I loved them both just one of them didn't fit right. I love the pattern on both off them, but the floral one annoyingly didn't fit properly so I returned it. I get so much wear out of the one i kept (the one on the left). It can be styled in so many ways, from a casual daytime look to dressed up for a date...though I prefer it as a casual dress.

20150411_081740 20150411_081748

I completely love this skirt, It was only £3 in the sale and it's just perfect paired with a vest top, leather jacket and of my favourite looks. I love skirts like this...the style is so flattering and really suits me.

20150411_082105 20150411_082017

A bit boring, but I love getting my basics from Primark...the vest tops were around £2 and have so many different styles and could stock up on all the basics for Summer and not have to live on a diet of beans on toast till next payday. I always pick up several black ones as they can be used for pretty much anything and a few in different colours for days when I want a really simple causal look.

20150411_082336 20150411_082457

More essential basics for my Summer wardrobe...I love the shorts in Primark and these were only £5 and they had so many different colours. I went for a basic demin pair and black pair, which will go with so many different things and see me throughout summer and beyond.

And of course, the very well loved £4 pumps. Everyone has bought these at some point, they don't last a great deal of time, a month or so roughly but at only £4 and in so many different colours and a few different styles. You could buy several pairs and It wouldn't break the bank.

20150411_082633 20150411_082557

I couldn't resist this cute necklace when I saw it, I love the pastel colours and the fact I can style it my own way, with different words and colour patterns depending on my mood. Only thing I hate about it, is keeping all the letters together without losing them.

And of course, it's not summer without me buying several pairs of sunglasses from Primark and when they start at £1, who can blame me? So far I've only picked up this plain black pair...but I have my eye on a few other pairs.

20150411_082525 20150411_082430

Onto the cute stuff! Everyone who knows me, knows I love cute designs and prints...and Primark is always full of so many cute things so of course I couldn't resist picking some up! Starting with this purse, I love the fox design and I've been after a new purse for awhile so this was perfect.

And this Panda water bottle is just the cutest, it's perfect to throw in my bag as it can be rolled up when not in use and doesn't take up that much room when it has a drink in it. I'll be great to throw in my bag on hot days so I don't get dehydrated or heat stroke.

2015-05-09 12.31.23 2015-05-09 12.32.20

And I saved the best for last, my utterly amazing bargain that I completely love! I found this coat in store and their was only a few left, and I ended up picking up one that was a size or so too small but somehow fit perfectly! I love this style of coat, I love the badges and the colour and it goes with so many different things. And the best was only £3! down from £25...I love a bargain and this was the best bargain ever!

So that's everything I picked up in that haul, there will be more hauls and posts coming very soon!

Till the next time,



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