OOTD: Lace Kimono & Flower Crowns.

Hey Lovelies,

So the last time I did a outfit post on the blog was well over a year ago now, and in the last one I had dropped a few sizes and was becoming more comfortable in my skin. Since then, I have gained that weight back and a little more because the way I lost it all before wasn't healthy and mainly down to stress. And since eating properly, it's come back and I've gone up a few sizes again, but as soon as i'm settled into my new work routine i'm getting myself back on slimming world.

Anyway, because of the weight gain I haven't really had to confidence to be in front of the camera and do another outfit of the day. But my lovely friend (and Wifey) Laura, wanted a bit more practice with Photo shoots (she's an amazing photography who you can find on Instagram, look for @dinky_lou_la_bell and give her a follow!) and I had this gorgeous lace Kimono from Primark that I really wanted to put on the blog so I thought its about time to do another outfit on the blog...and try to accept my body whether it's the right size for me or too big like I feel it is. We only get one body, so we need to appreciate what it does and learn to love ourselves inside and out.

Anyway, enough of my rambles!

Let's get Stuck in!

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What I'm Wearing:
Lace Kimono (£8) - Primark.
Vest Top - Primark.
Shorts - Primark.
Shoes - Deichmann.
Necklace - Charity Shop.
Golden Daisy crown - Primark.
Bag - Primark.

I really love the photos Laura took and and completely love this outfit. I wore it to Godiva festival and it is such a great festival/holiday outfit. Just like last time, the outfit is mostly Primark...but what can I say? I love the place! And with the whole weight gain and plan to lose weight, I don't want to waste money on clothes that in a few months will be too big so that's another point in Primark's favour ;)

I really love this crown, I didn't think something like that would suit me but I just love how it looks in my dark hair...I want more! And the Kimono...it's so pretty and light...a perfect summer cover up. And a bargain at only £8 and there's a couple of other colours too if white isn't quite your thing.

I don't want to ramble too much in this post as it's about the outfit not my rambles, but I want to end the post with a thank you to Laura for taking the photos and been such an amazing friend :)


Till the next time,



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