Lush Haul #2: April 2015.

Hey Lovelies,

For someone who is always going on about Lush and how much I love it, I have actually only done two hauls on the blog! And quite small hauls, and beleive me if I could they would be mega big hauls...but with my budget I sometimes have to put being a grown up and paying bills and feeding my demanding little kitty (and also hamster...I got a new pet! He's a cute little thing who I've named Rambo because he's a little rebel and survived leaping out of my hands and falling quite a large distance).

 So I don't have the money to spend £50 or more like I used day some hopefully though! Lush is completely worth it!

Anyway, at the end of April I had five empty pots and we all know that means a trip to Lush for a free face mask. So off I set to my local Lush store, and me being me I couldn't resist picking up a few other little bits.

2015-04-25 08.46.14

So let's get stuck into what I bought.

2015-04-25 09.00.15

So first of, the thing I went into the store new face mask. For those who don't know, they have this scheme running where once you've used 5 black pots up you can return them to the store to get recycled and recieve a free face mask in return. They only had a few available the day I went in, so I decided to pick one up that I've never tried before...Cupcake. I've been having problem skin for the last few months so I picked this up in hope it can help calm them down.

2015-04-25 08.58.39 2015-04-25 08.59.44

I picked up the Mayday bath bomb because the cute badger design kept catching my eye as I was looking for something to try and when I picked it up to smell it, I fell in love with the scent so into the basket it went. I reviewed it recently on the blog, so you can read that if you want to find out what I thought it (Review can be found here).

2015-04-25 08.55.26 2015-04-25 08.57.30

Finally, I picked up Ultraviolet Bubble Bar. I love the bubble bars in Lush, especially The Comforter. I've been eyeing up this beauty on the website for quite awhile, and after picking it up and putting it back several times, I decided to take the leap and try it. And oh my gods I am glad I tried it. It smells like Parma Violets sweets, which I used to hate as a kid but love now and it makes my bath water the most beautiful purple colour. I will post up a review fairly soon, so keep an eye out for that.

So that's everything I picked up from Lush, till the next time of course ;)

Have you bought anything new from Lush recently?

Let me know in the comments below :)

Till the next time,



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