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Empties #2

Hey Lovelies, I have another Empties post for you today, and another basket at home ready to be photographed so that will be up at the start of June! I've kept to the 10-15 basket limit, which means I remember why I loved it or disliked and keeps the post from dragging on a bit too much! So let's get stuck into the post without further ado! Let's start with my favourite section, bath products Radox Eastern Spirit Bath Soak.  5/5.  Another one of my favourites! I just love anything from Radox it seems, and this is no exception. A gorgeous scent combined with an amazing bath soak formula that nourishes and creates masses of bubbles. Radox Muscle Therapy Bath Soak . 5/5. This one is without a doubt one of my all time favourites, a repurchase that I make over and over again without fail. Perfect for when it's been a very long day and you need to unwind in a long hot bath to untie all the knots your muscles are in and make you feel human

Lush Haul #2: April 2015.

Hey Lovelies, For someone who is always going on about Lush and how much I love it, I have actually only done two hauls on the blog! And quite small hauls, and beleive me if I could they would be mega big hauls...but with my budget I sometimes have to put being a grown up and paying bills and feeding my demanding little kitty (and also hamster...I got a new pet! He's a cute little thing who I've named Rambo because he's a little rebel and survived leaping out of my hands and falling quite a large distance).  So I don't have the money to spend £50 or more like I used day some hopefully though! Lush is completely worth it! Anyway, at the end of April I had five empty pots and we all know that means a trip to Lush for a free face mask. So off I set to my local Lush store, and me being me I couldn't resist picking up a few other little bits. So let's get stuck into what I bought. So first of, the thing I went into the store fo

The Simple Pleasures: Pamper Time.

Hey Lovelies, So I'm writing this in advance and I'm in such a good mood! I got my DSB back last weekend and I've been given a start date for my 6 week placement at a Pre-School and hopefully that then leads onto a full time apprenticeship. And i'm so happy it's so untrue...and it's payday the day this goes up...mood just getting better and better! So I thought for today's post I'd share one of the simple pleasures I enjoy whether i'm in a fantastic mood or in desperate need of a cheer up...kick back and relax with a bit of pamper time. There's nothing better than simply taking abit of time to yourself to take care of yourself in the form of a pamper. For me 'Pamper Time', usually means a long soak in the bath full of bubbles, face mask (usually from Lush), hair treatment and a book or magazine to enjoy. And this simple hour to myself helps me to relax and take a breather from the mad rush that life sometimes in. If i

My Favourite Things: April 2015

Hey Lovelies, Another month gone..and I think April flew by the fastest! I had so much going on and before I knew it the month was over! April  was a really good month though, I started volunteering again which I have been completely loving. I love helping a charity so close to my heart and I love being in a retail environment...I forgot my love for window dressing!  I also got two fantastic bits of news at the end of the month, I finally got my grant through for kitchen appliances (fridge and cooker...meaning I can finally cook at mine! YAY!). And my DBS came back which means I can start my 6 week trail very soon and that will hopefully lead to me starting my apprenticeship. So I'm currently in one of the best moods ever...but I shall write about that at some other is about all the things I've been loving in the month that was April. Let's start with my biggest love of the month... Skyrim.  It took me awhile to get into it, but in April I&#

Lush Reviews: May Day Bath Bomb (Limited Edition).

Hey Lovelies, So I recently took a little trip to Lush to return 5 empties pots for a new face mask. And of course, I couldn't resist picking up a few bits. For once I didn't go crazy and only picked up 2 things (I even shocked myself by that!). I will put a haul up soon but today, I'm posting up a review of one the products. So let's get stuck in! May Day Bath Bomb.  What Lush Say:  With fennel oil to stimulate your skin, and antiseptic rosewood oil to soothe and uplift. Its sweet, sherbety fragrance will leave you feeling calm and revived. For every one of these fruity, sweet-smelling bath bombs that's sold, all the proceeds (minus the VAT) will go towards the groups behind the Votes For Animals campaign giving animals a voice this election: Animal Aid, The League Against Cruel Sports, and Save Me. Price: £2.95 Available in Lush stores & online.  My Thoughts: I picked up this because I wanted to try something di