Primark Haul #1

Hey Lovelies,

So I've been popping in and out of Primark quite abit recently,and I have quite a few bits to share with you. I've split everything into two Hauls because otherwise this would be one hell of a long post! So today I'll be sharing the few little bits I picked up at the end of March, and in another post at some point i'll share the newer bits I picked up in April.

So let's get on with this first haul!


I actually bought this boots quite abit before March, but I had to include them. They were a mega bargain in the sale for only £5...originally £15. Majority of the boots I own are black, so I fancied a change and these have barely left my feet since. They go well with everything, I love wearing them with a dress and tights atm. Such good quality boots for such a great price.

20150327_143700 20150130_182848

I'm forever buying tights and leggings...their versatile and can completely change the look of an outfit so easily. And I love Primark tights, their good quality at a super cheap price...which means everytime I want to change my look just abit, it won't break the bank to do so.


The P.S range at Primark is full of Make-up, Skincare and other essential bits like facial wipes, nail polish removers and cotton pads. Their cotton pads are my favourite and the ones I always repurchase now...and I decided to pick up a few new things. I plan try out the range fully at some point, but for now I picked up a brush cleanser to keep all my make-up brushes clean after use and another nail polish remover pot. I'd tried others since, but the Primark one is the one I always return to. It's only a £1 and works just as good as the more expensive ones, and it's alot cheaper to replace!

20150327_143810 20150327_143827

There's so many beautiful pieces of Jewellery in Primark, which I'll talk about in my next haul as I picked a few more bits up but as soon as saw this I had to have it. I love really delicate and pretty jewellery atm and this is perfect. They have the all the star signs but it took me searching through everyone on the stand to find mine! I love the simply design of these and they can be worn together or separate. There is also a ring set which is quite nice but Primark rings never seem to fit my chubby fingers!


And finally the main reason I went into Primark when I picked up all these things, my new bag. I've been wanting a new bag for awhile, since the last bag I picked up is still in great condition but too small and the one I got for Christmas isn't as bag as i'd thought it was and doesn't go with everything. So I wanted a bigger bag, that would go with anything.

And I saw this beauty and picked it up! It's huge, it's only one compartment but I can fit so much in it...though I will have to try not to overload it as it makes it so heavy! It can be carried in two ways, over the shoulder or using the smaller holdalls. And I just love the design, It goes with everything and will go through all the season's with me. It's a classic bag that I will get alot of use out of, and it was a bargain at £10.

So that's everything I picked up in Primark at the time.

Have you picked up any great bargains in Primark recently?

Till the next time,



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