Mouthy Mondays: The Year So Far (Jan-Mar).

Hey Beauties,

so I'm currently watching my friends kid for the weekend which means a weekend full of Sky and Movies...which I'm using to finally catch up on Season 3 & 4 of Game of Thrones...all ready in time for the 5th season starting next week! But best of all it means I have access to a laptop yay! Which means if I can get over this damn Writers Block I have at the moment, I can get several posts scheduled ready for the next few weeks!

So to start it off, and hopefully somehow help cure my Writer's Block, I'd thought i'd finally post my recap of the first few months of the year! I meant for this to be up on the first Monday of the month but trying to write it up on my phone just caused my writers block to get even worse!

I have decided to do recaps of my year on the blog as the year goes on, and decided the best way to do it is in four parts, three months at a time, as some months are very busy and others not as much!

So let's get stuck in.


January was a strange old month. Everyone struggles with January, the comedown from the Festive season and the cold weather...not so fun!  But it isn't all gloom and doom!
The year started of pretty great. I spent New Years Eve with my mum and spent New Year's Day with friends. It was the end of a year that I couldn't wait to end and I was looking forward to starting afresh in 2015.

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January is the month I don't really have the most to say about though, there was alot of changes in January and not all good. Somethings that can't be undone and some things that only took me till now to accept. But the one think I learnt is that these things happen, and their not worth dwelling on and beating yourself up over it. Make peace with it, and carry on with your life. Things get better, even when you think there's nothing left.

It bought new people into my life and new experiences, and I always had Riley by my side which makes everything feel more manageable. (Crazy Cat Lady alert). And it's also the month I started to bake abit more...which is always a good thing!



February was a good month. I started to pick myself up and start hunting for a nursery placement for my apprenticeship, I had a moment of doubt whether it was what I wanted to do or not but I gave it another shot to see if I can get somewhere with it and there were a few failed interviews and hiccups, but I finally got an interview for a placement that seemed very promising and the interview went great. And at the end of the week I had the interview, I got the great news that they liked me too and wanted to offer me a 6 week paid trainership to see if I like the company and if they feel I am right for their setting. I'm so excited to start and can't wait to finally be making a big step towards my career.

I started socialising alot more too this month. One of my goals for 2015 was to stop letting my anxiety hold me back and one of the things it always held me back on was going out and socalising...even with friends. I preferred only going to places I knew very well or preferably, one of their houses so I wouldn't have to deal with crowds and people I didn't know.


But some of the new people I meet in January told me to go the Youth Group they go to and I was a bit skeptically about joining thinking 'ah man it's just gonna be a bunch of whiny thanks.' But I went and it wasn't as bad as I thought. I met new people and it gave me confidence in myself...week 1 I was shy and barely said a word, now I can speak to anyone there with ease and confidence. And it's been a source of help whenever I felt really low and in need of support.

I also started hanging out with old friends I haven't seen in Months and it led to a few drunken weekends in pubs...which before was something I'd run away from but I made some great memories by just pushing myself out of my comfort zone even a little. I also caught up with an old friend whose friendship with me has always been firm but with a few bumps in the road that pulled us about but meeting up has helped you become closer like we were before and i'm grateful to have her around again. Missed my Wife!


And it was also the month that Riley finally took a trip to the vets, to get micro-chipped and neutered. A decision made simply because when she was in season she was a nightmare...yowling day and night. She seems alot more content and happier since.


March was a fairly busy month! The start of the month saw my friend's little munchkin turning one, which was such a special day and filled me with such pride. Even though I am not ready for my own children yet or have any plans to have them any time soon, seeing a friend becoming a parent and watching their journey with child is something so special and beautiful. Seeing her face any challenge head on and seeing the beautiful, smart young man her son is becoming each and every day is just wonderful. It's so hard to be sad around him, as he just has to do that cheeky grin of his and you can't help but smile.


It was also Mother's day, which for me is fairly busy. I have my foster mum and my birth mum to see on that day, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Both women are completely different people and have taught me very different things about life and I wouldn't be 'Me' if it weren't for them. I love them everyday but Mother's Day is just a day to show them extra love!


I started my DBS in March and hopefully will be hearing back from that soon, because if it comes back before the end of this week coming up (In April) I will be starting on the 20th! And I finally got my shower fixed...yippee! It's been forever since it worked and boy, does it feel good to finally have a working shower. As Much as I love having baths, there's nothing like the refreshing feel of a shower after a long day!


March was also the month I got obsessed with having fresh flowers in the just made the flat feel so much more homely and inviting. Nothing is more beautiful than a lovely bunch of flowers against the sunlight.

So that's pretty everything that happened in the first three months of this year, I plan to jot notes about each month so that I remember more about each month's events and not just ramble on.

I hope you all had a great start to the year so far, and that the next three months are good to you!

Till the next time,



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