House to Home #2: Update & Haul.

Hey Lovelies,

So I had planned to post this in March then I thought I lost all the photos so in the end it never went up. But I've found all the photos so I thought I'd finally put an update about the flat up and the progress I've made since the last one (Which was posted almost a year ago).

I've been in the flat just over a year now...and to be honest I haven't do as much as I thought I'd have done by now but despite that it definitely feels like a Home now, not just the place I live. I'm gonna back on forth on colour schemes for each room...I did paint the bathroom a really nice blue colour but it's a bit too pale for my tastes so I'm gonna be changing that again soon.

But so far, the colour schemes are:

Main Room - Grey and either Dark Plum or a dark midnight/moody blue.

Hallway - Some sort of sandy/coffee colour- natural and inviting.

Bathroom - Mint Green/Turquoise with black accessories.

Kitchen - Undecided. I want a vintage inspired sort of kitchen and it's deciding what colour would work with this. And that's even if I stick to the original theme.

The flat is now also looking a lot less empty. I have a bed thanks to a friend's mum, and several other bits of furniture thanks to friends helping me out. I have applied for funding to get the important kitchen stuff and hopefully will be hearing back at the end of this month about that.


I've bought a few new bits for the flat, but not many as I want to wait to buy more things so I can buy things that go with the colour scheme in the flat but I do have a few bits that I've picked that i'm gonna now share on here.

 wpid-picsart_1420637009952.jpg wpid-picsart_1420595889444.jpg

First off Primark, I love the Homeware in Primark! It changes with the seasons and there's always so many great things in there...from the essentials like bedding and towels and all the finishing pieces like candles and cute little signs. I picked up some essentials like a new duvet, pillows and towels but that's fairly boring stuff so didn't need to show them.

I also picked up this polka dot baskets in the January Sales for £2 each...their pretty decent size so I can store quite a bit in them and they go perfectly with the colour scheme I want in the main room. Currently I'm using one to hold all the haircare products I have on the go at the moment (which is ALOT) and the other is being used for my Empties. I also picked up a set of two white wicker baskets that are currently sat on my dressing table holding my skincare and deodorants.

I'm a complete nerd and couldn't resist this Batman travel mug, perfect for those mornings when I wake up late and have to get up and go, but still need my caffeine fix to make me feel human! And being the mug hoarder I am, I couldn't resist picking up this cute mug that I had seen a lot on Instagram. And their currently on Sale in Primark, so go snap one up before they all disappear!

There was a few other bits I picked up, but the other pictures are completely gone.
I'll do another House to Home post at some point in the future, when I've done a bit more to the flat and when I buy more stuff for the flat.

Till the next time, 



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