25 Before 25: Revive.

Hey Lovelies,

So in January last year when I was 23, I wrote a list of things that i'd like to achieve/do before my 25th birthday which is September this year. And looking back over the list, because of the year last year was I barely got any done, leaving me very little time to achieve/do the others on the list. As much as I'd love to go the Paris, I highly doubt I will before my birthday.

So I decided that I needed to give the list abit of a do over and decide which ones are still challenging but more achievable then ones that really on having crazy amounts of money in such a short time...especially when I want to turn my house into a home and that takes abit of money and time.

So here's the list...including ones I've already done.
1. Get my own place. (Achieved in March 2014).

2. Start working towards getting my debts sorted. 

3. Reach 150 followers on the blog. 

4. Attend a blogger's meet up. 

5. Start writing again and attempt to write a book or a series of short stories again. 

6. Save up for a new camera. 

7.Go away for a holiday or Daytrip without my anxiety making me want to come home straight away.

8. Buy my first Lipstick by Mac.

9. Start Open Uni again.

10. Buy my first product by Urban Decay. 

11. Turn my flat into my home completely...finish decorating etc.

12. Go to a Festival (even just for a day if that's all I can do).

13. Find a Career I love and take steps to achieiving it. 

14. Feel comfortable in my own skin again and reach my ideal weight. 

15. Start driving Lessons. 

16. Get a new piercing or start on my first tattoo. 

17. Cook a 3 course meal for my loved ones from scratch. 

18. Try new crafts and find something that I love doing.

19. Start putting my home bakery business plans into action.

20. Create my perfect Make up/dressing area. 

21. Start my own Youtube channel. 

22. Get back into photography (and maybe create an online portfolio).

23. Go on a random, last minute weekend adventure (slightly planned if necessary).

24. Learn to Cook 25 new recipes from baking to meals. 

25. Love myself for who I am. 

So that's all my 25, I dunno if I will achieve/do them all, but the important thing is that I do my best and love every moment of it.

Do you have a bucket list of things you want to achieve my a certain age/time?

Let me know below in the comments :)

Till the next time,



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