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Review: MUA Luxe Whipped Velvet Blush in Ritzy

Hey Beauties, I've been a Make up Academy (MUA) fan for many years now, since they first launched oh so many years ago.  They have a great range of products that are good quality and super affordable, with prices starting from as little as £1 each. I've recently did a post about some things I picked from MUA recently and my first Impressions of them (you can find that post here ), and promised to review the products fully soon...and today I will be reviewing one of those products. So let's get stuck in. MUA Luxe Whipped Velvet Blush in Ritzy.  What MUA Say: Smooth & Soft – glide MUA Luxe’s Whipped Velvet Blush over cheeks for a light and instant colour. This ultra-soft blush lightweight formulation enables you to build the colour gradually for a look that suits you. Price: £3.00 Available in Superdrug & Online.  My Thoughts: I love the first cream blushers by MUA, so when I saw this MUA Luxe one I had to give it a

Review: Aussie Mega Watt Body Wash.

Hey Lovelies, Another Review for you lovely lot today, and it's one of my favourite shower products that I use atm. And that product is one of the new body products by haircare brand Aussie. Aussie are well known for their amazing quality haircare products...ranging from shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products. Their one of my favourite haircare brands so when I saw the new body washes in Wilkinson's I knew I had to give them a try. There's four in the range so far: Mega Watt, No Rush, Shower Smoothie and Fresh Mate. I've only tried Mega Watt so far but that will be changing soon! So let's get stuck into the review! Aussie Mega Watt Body Wash.  What Aussie say: Aussie Mega Watt Body Wash, with Australian Ginseng extract: Get re-boosted, revitalised and, her, ready for whatever life's got to throw at you (and smell great whilst doing it). One of four fabulous Aussie Shower Gels. Love Aussie Shampoo, Conditioner an

25 Before 25: Revive.

Hey Lovelies, So in January last year when I was 23, I wrote a list of things that i'd like to achieve/do before my 25th birthday which is September this year. And looking back over the list, because of the year last year was I barely got any done, leaving me very little time to achieve/do the others on the list. As much as I'd love to go the Paris, I highly doubt I will before my birthday. So I decided that I needed to give the list abit of a do over and decide which ones are still challenging but more achievable then ones that really on having crazy amounts of money in such a short time...especially when I want to turn my house into a home and that takes abit of money and time. So here's the list...including ones I've already done. 1. Get my own place . (Achieved in March 2014). 2. Start working towards getting my debts sorted.  3. Reach 150 followers on the blog.  4. Attend a blogger's meet up.  5. Start writing again and attempt t

Primark Haul #1

Hey Lovelies, So I've been popping in and out of Primark quite abit recently,and I have quite a few bits to share with you. I've split everything into two Hauls because otherwise this would be one hell of a long post! So today I'll be sharing the few little bits I picked up at the end of March, and in another post at some point i'll share the newer bits I picked up in April. So let's get on with this first haul! I actually bought this boots quite abit before March, but I had to include them. They were a mega bargain in the sale for only £5...originally £15. Majority of the boots I own are black, so I fancied a change and these have barely left my feet since. They go well with everything, I love wearing them with a dress and tights atm. Such good quality boots for such a great price. I'm forever buying tights and leggings...their versatile and can completely change the look of an outfit so easily. And I love Primark tights, their good qu

House to Home #2: Update & Haul.

Hey Lovelies, So I had planned to post this in March then I thought I lost all the photos so in the end it never went up. But I've found all the photos so I thought I'd finally put an update about the flat up and the progress I've made since the last one (Which was posted almost a year ago). I've been in the flat just over a year now...and to be honest I haven't do as much as I thought I'd have done by now but despite that it definitely feels like a Home now, not just the place I live. I'm gonna back on forth on colour schemes for each room...I did paint the bathroom a really nice blue colour but it's a bit too pale for my tastes so I'm gonna be changing that again soon. But so far, the colour schemes are: Main Room - Grey and either Dark Plum or a dark midnight/moody blue. Hallway - Some sort of sandy/coffee colour- natural and inviting. Bathroom - Mint Green/Turquoise with black accessories. Kitchen - Undecided.

Review: Imperial Leather Signature Bath Creams (Love Story & Paradise Island).

Hey Lovelies, So it's finally April and Spring is most definitely here! The flowers are in bloom everywhere, the sun is shining and the weather is starting to warm up...which makes me one happy Gem. I can't wait for all the Spring and Summer adventures to begin! Anyway on to today's's been a long time since I've lasted posted a Review, in fact the last Review I posted was in November and was for my favourite Lush shower gel: Snow Fairy. And my Review book is overflowing with review notes ready to be posted up so it's about time I get round to putting them up! Starting with two of my favourite products from over the past few months. Imperial Leather Signature Bath Creams (Love Story & Paradise Island). What Imperial Leather Say:  Love Story:  Fairy-tale endings may not happen every day, but this fusion of pearl rose and forget-me-not is pretty close. Experience falling in love with luxurious creamy bubbles, married with an a

Mouthy Mondays: The Year So Far (Jan-Mar).

Hey Beauties, so I'm currently watching my friends kid for the weekend which means a weekend full of Sky and Movies...which I'm using to finally catch up on Season 3 & 4 of Game of Thrones...all ready in time for the 5th season starting next week! But best of all it means I have access to a laptop yay! Which means if I can get over this damn Writers Block I have at the moment, I can get several posts scheduled ready for the next few weeks! So to start it off, and hopefully somehow help cure my Writer's Block, I'd thought i'd finally post my recap of the first few months of the year! I meant for this to be up on the first Monday of the month but trying to write it up on my phone just caused my writers block to get even worse! I have decided to do recaps of my year on the blog as the year goes on, and decided the best way to do it is in four parts, three months at a time, as some months are very busy and others not as much! So let's get stuck

My Favourite Things: March 2015

Hey Lovelies, I've been trying to upload this since the start of the month but everything kept getting in the way but I currently have access to a laptop and i'm making full use of it whilst I can! I've not ever do a Monthly favourites on this blog that I can recall, so it's about time I do! And I've loved quite a few things in March, so I'm looking forward to sharing them with you...favourite posts are something I look forward to reading each month and now I also look forward to writing them again. So let's got stuck in. Make-up Revolution Lip Crayon in Red. This was part of a gift set my mum got for Christmas,but she's not really a fan of red lips but I am so she gave it to me and I completely love it. It's a perfect red, bright but wearable. And it's long lasting which is always a good thing with a red likes the look of half worn off lipstick. At the moment, it's the only product I've tried by Mak