Mother's Day Pamper Box Gift idea.

Hey lovelies,

Man I haven't posted in a long time! Life has been fairly hectic but in a good way (mostly), so finding time to post a blog has been fairly hard. And with having no laptop ATM, I'm left with my phone to type them up and that's a rather lengthy process! I've been meaning to post for awhile, but things kept getting in the way and left me with barely any time to sit down and type up anything!

But things are less hectic now, so I have a bit more time to write posts and hopefully I'll be able to get a new laptop fairly soon which will make posting a lot easier!

Anyway, as its Mother's Day here in the UK tomorrow, I thought I'd share a little gift idea that I made for my mum...a Pamper Box. Its the perfect last minute gift as well if you haven't already got something for your mum or fancy giving her an extra treat.


So first so what you will need:
❤ A gift box...I picked mine up in Card Factory but you can get them in most card shops and craft shops. Or you could use an spare shoebox and cover it in a pretty wrapping paper.

❤Tissue paper...again I got mine from Card Factory but you can get it pretty much anywhere. You can also buy a bag of shredded tissue paper for around the same price.


❤ Pamper Goodies to go inside the box...My mum loves a bath and pamper sesh as much as me so I bought her a bubble bath, a pampering shower gel, hair mask, body lotion, foot soak, lipstick and eye mask to go inside her box. Buy whatever you know your mum will love to pamper herself with.

❤And of course, you gotta put some chocolate or whatever your mum's favourite sweet treat is in pamper sesh is complete without chocolate!


So its pretty easy to throw together..line the box with the tissue paper and arrange some of the products onto the box and then add another layer of tissue paper and put the chocolate and any smaller items on top. Add a final layer of tissue paper and if you want, use a piece of card to leave your mum a lovely message to read when she opens the box.


Put the lid on and you have your own Pamper Box gift ready to give to your mum or other female relative on mother's could make one for your auntie, grandma or mother figure in your life.

Till the next time,