Empties #1.

Hey Lovelies,

So I've been meaning to do any empties on this blog since I started it a just over a year ago, but never got round to it. Till the start of this year, when I picked a slightly smaller bag and used that to hold finished products.


I've since changed what I keep them in again, and set a limit of 10-15 products in a time. I might keep it like that or I might make it monthly...depending on how many products I use in a month.

So let's start with the products in my first ever empties on this blog! I'm also gonna give each product a rating like I do with reviews.


Sainsbury's White Bath Cream.
This was ok, nothing amazing but a good bubble bath. It smells pretty nice, a very gentle fresh scent, perfect for those with more sensitive noses.

Imperial Leather Signature Paradise Island Bath Cream.
I loved this! I won't say too much on it as I'll be reviewing this and another one on the blog pretty soon. But it smells gorgeous and lasts ages...and they are fairly cheap. I got this one in Morrisions but I've seen them in Poundshops and other bargain shops.

Boots Therapy Moisture Rich Bath essence.
This was a rose product and I'm not the biggest fan of Rose, but it didn't smell that overpowering and left my skin pretty soft. Just wouldn't buy it by choice (a friend gave it to me).

Lush Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb.
My favourite Lush bath bomb! I saved this for as long as possible and its limited edition. It smells beautiful and makes the bath water a wine colour. So nourishing too, I hope they bring it back out again this year!


Original Source Lime Shower Gel.
I love Original Source shower gels and this was great, one of my favorites. Perfect for the morning shower, the zesty smell is just the thing to wake you up.

Garnier Ultimate Blends 'The Marvelous Transformer' Conditioner.
This is one the best conditioners I've ever used, my hair felt amazing after use. Smells so good too! Need to repurchase this very soon!

Beauticology: Chocolate Chip Shower Crème.
I liked this at first, smelt ok but the bottle was just too big so the scent just got very bland after awhile. And lasted forever...which usually would be a good thing but not in this case. Ended up using it as a bubble bath to get it used up!

Lush Hot Toddy Shower Gel (Limited edition).
I loved this! I usually pick up Snow Fairy at Christmas, but this year this pulled me in (though I wish I picked up Snow Fairy as well!). It smelt so amazing, the perfect wintery scent spicy and warming. And it lasted quite awhile for quite a small bottle...I want more!


Radox Passion Fruit Splash Shower Gel.
This range is one of my favourites...mega fruity shower gels that smell heavenly and leave my skin soft as well. This one was no different, loved the scent and loved how soft my skin was after, this is probably my favourite in the whole range.

Love Girls Scrub Sweet Rose.
I hated this so much! It was so watery, didn't exfoliate at all, the beads might as well be none existent in it was that bad! And the scent was overpowering blah!

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Skin Brightening Daily Facial Wash.
I have been using this range since I was 18/19 which is 5 years! So its pretty clear I love it, I've tried the different ones in the range but my ulimate favourite is the Skin Brightening range. I prefer the scrub in the range over this, but I still loved this. Really wakes me up in the morning and smells gorgeous.


Basiste Graffiti Dry Shampoo.
My favourite scent out of all them...not really much to say. It does its job and smells amazing. Win win all round.

Wilko's Fantasy Body Spray.
I bought this to be something I can just chuck in my bag as its fairly small and it was a pretty good spray. Its more of a Summer scent but it did the job.

So that's all my empties for this post, next one will be up sometime in April probably.

Till the next time,



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